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  • Dead House Designs Roaches

    We are a new company exibiting at the Transworld show this year. We wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at what we are going to be offering and see what your thoughts are.

    Dead House Designs

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    That will definately give people the willys! Yuck! Is it a projection?
    Damon Carson


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      I think roaches are cool and I look forward to seeing this... however I think they are crawling too fast so it doesn't seem as realistic. I think they should slow down just a bit but it looks pretty cool!!!!

      Larry Kirchner


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        I Wonder ?

        How this would look when projected upon a living, moving person? Tied to "Roach Wall"?
        Wear your whitest underpants Damon and this would probably look disturbingly real. wear a black shirt with the white undies an shift the customer's focus where you may need it.
        Aim this at a customer's back when others are walking behind them and start a panic of people smacking one another ! Don't forget the video camera!


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          I also recommend slowing it down by almost half, and why is the light dimming? Otherwise it looks great.


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            Dead House Designs Roaches

            That is a cool effect. Your teaser worked. I will have to stop by your booth. I am going to agree on the speed of the roaches. Too fast. But then again most people walking through are not going to notice the differance. Slower would be creepier. I do like it.
            Fear Asylum Haunted House



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              Man's best friend..

              Cool job! I agree, slow em' down a tad, make the loop longer. I assume the dimming is from re-photographing them for this demo film. Probably not visible to the human eye. Add some scents to the room, and critter crunch to the floor. Icky Poo!!

              See you at yer booth!

              Listen to them, Children of the night. Oh what music they make.


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                I am LOVING this effect, but also agree maybe a little slower! But great product! -Tyler
                Chris Riehl


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                  I agree also maybe have some faster than others. Some maybe running late to work or something? You never know it a thriving community such as that? Maybe some are commuting or car pooling even in the dust bunnie lane?!
                  Damon Carson


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                    I agree also maybe have some faster than others. Some maybe running late to work or something? You never know it a thriving community such as that? Maybe some are commuting or car pooling even in the dust bunnie lane?!

                    Seriously though, I agree some should be faster some slower but it looks really cool!



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                      Need a spider one as well....

                      might I add- spiders pouring out of a hole in the wall/floor etc
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                        These guys have a very similar product:


                        Kelly Allen
                        Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction


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                          It is being rendered in real time so everything is variable. The quality of the youtube video makes the motion look choppy and blurred because of frame rate and pixelation. Each roach has a different speed, the maximum and minimum speed can be varied based on taste. And we can use any type of insect you would like, or your head, or flying cupcakes that spit tobacco.

                          Dead House Designs


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                            Can't tell from the video clip but are the images computer generated??
                            The AtmosFear clip is defineatly computer, the leg movements of the bugs doesn't match the movement (sorta looks like they're skating) but they do have diffeent speed for different bugs.
                            Also we're the most critical audience. Our patrons probably wouldn't see the legs much less the movement!!!

                            My criticalness (if that's even a word) goes back to Designing for the Third Eye. Patrons will look as something like this, not actually see an discrepancies but have a feeling that it's just not real. That's because while it might not register, the mind's eye sees the bugs, the legs, the movements and if it doesn't match it's internal image of reality ou don't have the same reaction.

                            I do agree, add some crushed walnit shells on the floor, maybe a scent and you will be totally creeping them out!!!

                            R&J Productions
                            Las Vegas, NV


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                              If the speeds can be varied to individual tastes, then I think this is a great product!!

                              I really like this idea, and I can't wait to see what else you come up with at TW.

                              Hope you guys have a successful first year also.
                              Brad Bowen
                              Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA