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    I have been using this Forum since it's inception and the old message boards when they were in use. I should know better but totally brain farted.

    Hauntworld allows for Private Messages, allowing you to contact the poster without sending a message to the entire board. The problem is that you have to actually CHECK the messages!!!

    So this is an APOLOGY to everyone that has sent me a private message since say.... 2008!!!!
    I never checked, therefore never responded to your question or comment!!! I am NOT a stuck up person, quite the opposite, and I am sure the non-response made that appearance.

    So again I am SORRY!!!

    Not to say that that I can guarantee to remember to check the PM's but I think I will just add my email on my posts so I can receive the contacts directly!!!

    TerrorSue.... email me!!

    If YOU haven't checked the PM feature lately....might be a good idea!!
    Thanks...and again SORRY!!

    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Well that explains alot!

    I sent you that can't miss stock tip, the rest of us all got filthy rich, and Rich didn't!
    Sure I did. hahaahah!


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      I have the same problem with that feature. I never think to check it or clean it out. I feel bad when I see a message in there that's really old I never responded to.



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        Comeon now guys Jim is alot older than the both of you combined. And he knows how to answer pm's! LOL!
        Damon Carson


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          Lol, I get about 15 PMs a day, and still a few fall through the cracks and go unanswered. Also it only holds 50 messages, so you have to be vigilant about cleaning out the inbox.