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    Ok I supported and paid dues to the HHA and IAHA. Now they have disbanded and yet another new Association has popped up from the ashes of the past two. I must admit I am tired of let's do this, lets do that, lets start this, lets start that. I fully supported the HHA more than IAHA although again I paid dues to both. I think Ben did a great job and put long hours in and they kinda let him down and us that supported it in the begining! I am now thinking maybe I need to sit back and see where this leads. Shane and it's your thoughts please? Shane

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    I will fully support the HAA... We joined HHA because we thought we'd benefit from it on a business level, not some free mags. We never joined IAHA because we felt is wasn't being run well. Now, the best of both have joined into one association.

    Our industry isn't big enough for multiple groups/associations, mags, etc. etc. I wish it were more like IAAPA... which is where I see the HAA going!

    So, I'd suggest playing the wait-and-see game... but I will fully support this new group!

    Chris Riehl


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      I say no to both. They made a mess of things. for the very best items on the net.


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        Grimley, did you find it not worth joining from a non-owner perspective? I know you're not happy with past magazine issues but did you think it was worth joining even if you don't own a haunt?




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          Im with Shane. Sit back and see what happens. Why do we need them?
          Damon Carson


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            Everybody needs..

            ..somebody, everybody falls in lust somehow..lah lah lah!


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              Just saying

              I was really feeling all the work Ben did I thought in time it would continue to grow. I could give a rats ass about a magazine because I can always call Larry and get my magazines. I felt they gave in to quick? Also I think competition is a good thing keeps group/people working harder. Shane and it's I dunno! Shane


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                It was the HAA not BAA as in Ben Armstrong association. Randy Bates was the president last year not Ben wasn't he? But I do agree the association was better off with those guys.



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                  Just so you know Randy was voted in. I was on the nominating committee of the HHA and let me tell you Ben worked day and night to get this up and running! I can also say yes many had a hand in it but Ben did all the leg work. He even served as President not wanting to as he felt he had more than did his part but he did. Again I say we gave in to fast and it was a slap in the face of Ben. I would even go as far to say Ben will probably disagree with me. Shane and it's BAA or not he deserved better than this! Shane


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                    In my professional life as a designer, I've never seen anyone get anything out of just paying professional dues to an association (in fact, the previous haunt associations are the only groups I've ever seen offer all the "stuff" as bribes to join). The folks who get something meaningful out of associations are those who get actively involved and invest some of their own time and energy into the group (unfortunately those are also the ones who get most hurt if things go sour). After thinking about it for several weeks, Jay and I both joined this week... I'm going to do my best to get involved and try to get something out of it. I'm thinking that if I put positive energy into it, then maybe I'll get something positive back out of it, even if it's just making connections with industry folks I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting. We'll see what happens.
                    Jim Shackelford, Co-Owner
                    Haunt 2013, LLC
                    The House of Boo
                    Dallas, TX


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                      I talked to Patrick the other day ... however I think a wait and see approach is best. They really have nothing to offer for the $250.00 they are asking for... as much as I agree with why they shouldn't buy magazines, and I do, I also think when you really have no benefits buying things could offset your lack of actual benefits until atleast you can create some.

                      It is NOT worth $250.00 period!

                      Could it be... its possible. Will it ever be I doubt it.

                      Right now I would say if this new board which mostly seems like OLD IAHA guys can do something with it, and they are really dedicated they will do these things with or without your membership.

                      So wait and see if anything happens... come back around next year and let them tell everyone what they accomplished and then decide. But when you look at it now ... NO doesn't seem like its worth it.

                      If you want to join to show support I don't think that is a bad thing, it can't hurt anything or atleast it doesn't appear like it will.

                      So choose join to show support or sit out and see what happens.

                      Either way you can't lose or won't lose anything.

                      Larry Kirchner


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                        What I am thinking to me the discounts from the vendors alone was enough to offset the membership then you got 3 magazines ( again I can get my own subscription) but there seemed to be a drawing card. Also nothing aginst IAHA ( I supported it to) but it looks like the same ole is back again nothing personal. I am at this point not seeing a mix and match of old and new. I could be wrong. Shane and it's we need to see something solid! Shane


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                          Ben was a major force behind the success of the HHA. He is a positive thinker, good coordinator and an ideal leader for such as association.

                          The HHA was started and it was a movement right away. I can tell you that other guys also such as Pete Karlowicz, Eric Lowther, Tim Dunne, and Dwayne Sanburn worked their butts off with their duties. Larry was a force in starting it all before admittedly stepping away but continued to support it. Randy Bates was a good leader, everyone worked hard and really believed in the mission and the HHA.

                          Last year we went full steam ahead despite having a couple less enthuastic board members but things were heading in the right direction.

                          The merger, had to happen because the industry should only have to support one association. An industry is only as strong as all members make it. If you want to see change join a committee, or contact a board member directly with your concerns or ideas and ask them to voice it in the next meeting. The HAA also has many good leaders with years of experience.

                          Joining an association is not about shelling out $250 and asking what you get out of it. It's about investing $250 and getting involved and help to make it great. Use the HAA as a platform to bring about change and improve this industry we all share.

                          To own a haunted house, manage one, or even act in one takes hard work, discipline and drive and those are the characteristics you can employ to help make this industry safer, more successful, and create a stronger public awareness that will view us as a more viable source of quality entertainment. Join the HAA and challenge yourself to make a difference.

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                            I agree about the others helping they did a great job!!!!! As far as dues I will disagree. I don't care if it's 50 bucks you should know where your money is going, what it will be doing for you, and what it will do for the group. I agree also with the helping out part everyone should pitch in. It's sad but true like all things it falls in the laps of just a handful. But to say not to question dues is a statement I don't agree with. That could come across as give me your money and don't worry about what were doing with it and what you will get out of it.

                            As with any investment I want to see it work for me. I feel the HHA did not get the chance to do that. At least with the investment if association failed then we did see something out of it. Shane and it's this is all about opinions good and bad and nothing more. Shane


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                              I re-read my post and at no place did I imply no one should question where the dues go. Read it again I said it's not about asking what you get it's about joining it and make it worth it for you. You should know what you are getting for your money but there are other benefits to take advantage of.

                              My point is to invest, and get involved you have the power to see your own return on investment by getting active.

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