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Sounds Like A Busy Weekend Ahead.

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  • Sounds Like A Busy Weekend Ahead.

    for us here at The Ravens Grin Inn.
    The weather is still not too spring-like maybe some people are victims of "Cabin Fever"?
    ("Just gtta go! gotta Do!")
    We have alot of plowed, pushed into small moutain-range, piles of old snow all around the place too.
    It was 16 degrees below zero here this morning. I'll have to put a heat gun on the air compressor's crankcase to give it a chance of running!
    One young woman due in here Sat. began coming here when she was in high school, now she's brining her kids here.
    Another couple due in here are yard haunters from several hours away who have been listening to other yard haunters rave about Ravens Grin for a long time.
    Then there are the busload from Kentucky due in Sat, night who have been coming here for years.
    Winter can be tough because nobody shows up for long stretches then they all show up the same night!?
    Sounds like my old blind pooch, Stormy and I will have to wait on our nightly detective work in the parking lots this busy weekend. There is a mystery we have been working on involving strange yellow marks in the snow and dog turds blemishing the pure white snow!
    Who could be doing such evil deeds?
    The answer might be close to us. As close as the end of his leash. His end, not mine.

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    Jim you could tunnel through all the snow piles and make a second attraction. You could have an upcharge! I know how much you love shoveling. You could call it the Dwelling of the Yeti. Or Jim Warfields tomb. LOL! What is your new t-shirt design I would like to see it. Hope you have a good weekend!
    Damon Carson


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      questions answered

      My first drawing for a shirt design was probably just a warm-up, I have the late Mr. Tuxedo driving his Cat-o-lac on top of the subterraineon sub, astride it's conning tower as it pops up out of the ground right under him. This, as described, is in my side yard, so I'm drawing some things I have already built and displayed together.- The sub, the car, Mr. Tucky..

      Well, everybody showed up as they said they were going to and we were very busy in the afternoon and again beginning at 9 with the bus load.
      The one large group were girls about 12 all talking, yammering, screaming (for little or no reason) non-stop! The Hunchback said."Da Bells! Da Bells!" I say, "My Ears! My Ears!"
      I am persistant and I eventually outlasted their noisey din and gave them a tour.
      One girl kept saying "I want to tell you something!" about 50 times in 30 seconds, I looked at her and said, "You have now told me "something" 30 times!"(Mom & Grandma laughed at this)
      Another girl asked if I had "Creaky" things here? Like doors, hinges?
      "We are the center of all things Creaky here! We have a Creek right behind the house!"
      Just before the door opened so they could enter the house a girl complained to my Wife that our brochure holder was empty. She brought more of them out, filled it, then the girld said, "Oh, don't need one now we just wanted them to "want" something."
      In another group a tall, muscular 35 yr. old man turned out to be the easiest to scare! Stupid little things mostly got the most extreme reactions from him and usually infront of his friends and family...and he had been through the house just last October!(evil fun!)
      Yesterday befoe opening time of 2 O'clock I opened the little ticket window and scared a woman who was there with her husband, she jumped, screamed: "Jesus!" To which my usual reply is:"Not even close!" (What do the rest of you say to this ?)
      Then when someone will say, "God! " and I am usually pretty close to them when they say it I say:"You have strange Gods!" (Taking it as if they were referring to me instead of what I just inflicted upon them) Sometimes I may add to that by saying .."and god is accepting cash donations right now!"
      Yes, we saw a good, fun night here last night even though it cooled off again making salting the sidewalks necesarry again half way through the night. Winter is still hanging around, it's supposed to reach 40 degrees today though....