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  • Darkblood
    I believe they are using old lists.
    I got a mailing (snail mail) from them that listed my old partnership (Company name) on it as we were members of HHA for a year.
    Just letting ya know!

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  • Allen H
    Um Dark...
    I have gotten an email eavery other week easy from them. Were you a member of the other organizations? I think they are sending to the old email lists. Try to contact Patrick and see if you can get the e newsletter.
    The HHA had a stronger presence when Larry was backing them because to the haunt world HauntWorld is a media powerhouse, so without his support yes they seem diminished. Getting the emails I feel very informed by them and may rejoin due to the level of contact Im recieving.
    Allen H
    here is the contact info from the screamzine

    General Questions:
    Cynthia Prisco
    HAA Executive Director
    P: (609) 799-4900
    F: (609) 799-7032

    Meghan Higgins
    HAA Association Account Executive

    Amber Arnett-Bequeaith
    Brett Bertolino
    HAA Marketing/PR Committee Chairs

    Kaitlin Friedmann
    HAA PR Manager

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  • Allen H
    Thanks for the update Larry,
    I am definitely resubscribing.
    Allen H

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  • drfrightner
    started a topic HauntWorld Magazine - HAA

    HauntWorld Magazine - HAA

    Sorry to bring this up again but I once again wanted to update everyone about this subject.

    First I wanted to be clear that we were MORE than willing to continue selling magazines to HAA as they are printed for basically what amounted to HALF price for their membership as we did for HHA.

    In other words we shipped and send magazines to HHA members for the COST of doing so as an added value to your membership. I think other magazines did the same... due to inconsistent print schedules among the publishers, the plan was the association ONLY bought magazines when a publisher actually printed one. They did not purchase a full blown subscription. If you ask me, that seemed to work better for everyone... because the association doesn't pay for something that is never gets printed. See my point?

    I was informed by HHA potential merger with IAHA and NOT to mail out anymore magazines to members since they would fold...

    I alerted you guys that if you are counting on getting magazines as part of your membership dues, that you would NOT get one because I was told NOT TO SHIP ANYMORE MAGAZINES!

    The new HAA board then contacted me because I assume they realized that was one of the main benefits to the membership for the money you pay... so I guess they reconsidered. They asked me how much I would charge I told them same as before to HHA ... they then asked if we would simply offer a discount. I told them that is impossible we are not set up for something like that.

    They came back to me yesterday and said the new board again voted NOT TO purchase as part of your membership dues benefits magazines for any members. I'm NOT upset about it, and don't really care either way... just letting you know ONCE AGAIN that the board of the new HAA IS NOT going to purchase magazines for you as part of your $250.00 to $500.00 membership.

    This is what they are asking for $250 per haunt or $500 for some big company I guess like a zoo or amusement park... I don't know.

    I doubt its worth that kind of money no I know its not worth that kind of money with our without the magazines subscriptions but that is for you to decide... I'm just letting you know I WAS more than willing to continue the program and I guess the other magazines did the same simply put this new board said NO!

    If you want the new Hauntworld Magazine YOU MUST get your own subscription... it shipped!

    Another issue is coming 4 weeks from now...

    Another issue will come in June.

    If you want these magazines you must go to to purchase your own subscription.

    This post is NOT intended to SLAM what they are doing, in fact I think its the right call because they should stand up on their own and not rely on others to create benefits so if they have something planned to make your $250.00 worth the $250.00 good for them... however I just dont' see it.

    For $250.00 you can subscribe to every magazine, attend several seminars, and buy some new dvd's or whatever you want. So we'll see...

    So bottom LINE... Hauntworld Magazine 26 HAS SHIPPED. PLEASE DON'T EMAIL me asking what happened to your magazine if you are counting on it from HAA or HHA or whatever. Sorry! I tried to make it work and so did all the other magazines you enjoy.