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Get Your Transworld Printing Orders in Before Its Too Late!

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  • Get Your Transworld Printing Orders in Before Its Too Late!

    With only a few weeks until Transworld, just a reminder if you need any printing done before the show we can help you out...just don't wait too long, especially if you need bigger/specialty items like catalogs, die cut items or t-shirts!

    Also, Transworld Vendors watch your inbox in the next 2 weeks for special promotions we are offering such as a really great offer on our new innovative product Favicards ( for more info). If you are interested before that email goes out...shoot me a message or email and we'll get you hooked up. Also attached to this message is our promo flyer for the show.

    Otherwise come check us out booth #129 at the show!

    Mike "Pogo" Hach
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    -Mike "Pogo" Hach

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    I will be calling you today.

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      I love it!

      Chris Riehl


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        You have a PM
        ~Bill Mlinac
        The Deadland Haunted House


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          Our new logo should be done by the end of this coming weekend and we'll be placing an order with you.

          Jim Shackelford, Co-Owner
          Haunt 2013, LLC
          The House of Boo
          Dallas, TX


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            Mike, I too am getting our new logo finished up very soon, and I intend on placing an order for some work shirts as soon as it is done. Hopefully I can get them shipped before TW.
            Brad Bowen
            Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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              Yes because their is nothing worse than walking up to a vendor and their are no catalogs because either they waited to long are all of them were taken by people that want to look at the pictures.
     for the very best items on the net.


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                Thanks for the replies/messages everyone, we looking forward to helping and working with everyone, as well as meeting you all or seeing you again in St. Louis!

                Grimley, you would be amazed at how many vendors I seen last year that were out of catalogs, didnt have any to begin with, some that didnt even have any business amazed me, and that wasnt only at Trasworld! No matter how cool your stuff is, how do you expect order longevity beyond the show if you have nothing for the customers to take home with them, or even a way to contact you!

                That's one reason I wanted to put this reminder out there. We are just under a month away now, but it is better to plan early than come in last minute (like Im sure many still will) and we get too busy to handle everything....we try our best to accomodate every customer, and not turn anyone away. Save yourself headache and money on things like rush or overnight shipping...its better to get the orders in early!

                Mike "Pogo" Hach
                -Mike "Pogo" Hach


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                  Hey everyone...wanted to bump this up one more time for that last friendly reminder that if you need anything in time for the show...we can likely still help you out, call your order in to ensure that it gets taken care of right is down to the wire and we don't want anyone left without items they needed because they waited too long, or having to go with lower quality at somewhere like a kinkos with photocopies...

                  There is always the last minute option to have the order delivered with us to the show and you can pick up at our booth or your hotel too. This may also be a great option for some of you West Coasters to save a little bit on shipping!

                  Also, anyone that has printed with us in the past year, feel free to bring by an extra shirt or item that you had done, and we will gladly display it in our samples for you! Shoot me a message if you think you will be dropping anything off so we know to expect you.

                  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show, be sure to stop by and say hello!

                  Mike "Pogo" Hach
                  -Mike "Pogo" Hach


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                    Hey Mike I sent you a pm.
                    Damon Carson


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                      pull up banner

                      We just placed an order for a pull-up banner for our booth. Thanks Mike!!!

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