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    Transworld is coming up quick, and I have a little problem.
    We have an insane size booth this year, and even though we will have 13 people working off an on in the booth, we still do not have enough people in large Queue-line costumes.
    Anyone interested in wearing a costume for an hour or more?
    There is a free T-shirt for everyone who wears a costume for atleast an hour.
    I look forward to seeing if we can show we have taken it up a notch again this year.
    Kevin R. Alvey
    info at


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    Queue-line costumes

    hi there can i get some more info on this plz


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      There are some eager Darkness actors that I know of... sent you a PM.


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        The first year the show was here a few actors thought they would be getting paid and they got a t-shirt and got miffed. I know Distortions pays those actors really well... I think if you need people you should pay them just so you know they'll stay put and do what you need and be on time. Just a thought.

        Larry Kirchner


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          Costume actor

          I would be happy to do it give me a call 1-702-592-3020 thanks charles


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            I received your PM, but your PMs are set to not receive so I could not respond to your message
            Kevin R. Alvey
            info at



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              Wearing Costumes

              thanks for the feedback, I will bear it in mind.
              I will make sure it is very clear what the situation is before I have anyone, other than my own staff, wearing anything.

              we would be honored by anyone's presense.
              And I will get a schedule developed if we get alot of help.

              We need primarily guys no shorter than 5'10", average to bulky build.

              The idea is to have them wear our oversized costumes which average 25 to 40 lbs.
              All we have to do is get them fitted properly and they will have no trouble except simply getting used to be strapped into a huge creature.

              Like I said I need them to wear it for atleast an hour. Less than an hour is not really worth the work to put someone in it. Although ALL help is wholeheartedly appreciated.
              More than an hour and they are earning their weight in gold.
              Sales are generated by physical movement of costumes.

              We also have some normal costumes but if we put anyone in those it would have to be mostly all day.
              Male, and female average height and build. 2 to 3 costumes per day.
              Kevin R. Alvey
              info at



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                Hi GoreGalore

                I have fixed my private messages so I can recieve them.