Hello there my haunt family for the last 15+ years.

Well it feels good to be back at it after my personal tragedies this past month. Deaths and other things are never fun.

Well on to 2011 everyone.

2011 is going to be a great year for RFR. In keeping up as the Original and FIrst Weekly Haunt Industry show, we will continue to bring you the coverage of conventions, vendors interviews and more.

In addition we will release details coming about the RFR TV Show coming to Direct TV, Dish and Cable this fall. The producers are giving us the paperwork week need to announce all the details on this project.

In addition we have a variety of goodies planned with new segments and some special segments coming.

I am also going to be branding RFR throughout the Haunt Industry with a HAUNT YEARBOOK. This will debut this fall and will be the last 5 years in the industry, the events and haunts we have seen over the last 5 years of RFR and the 228 shows to date.

It will have photos from conventions, vendors, those come and gone, back stories and more. IT will be a blast. And here is to the next 5.

I will announce more in a day or so, but here is some to get things going and it feels good to be back home.