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  • Faceoff TV Show on Syfy

    I have to say I was impressed with the work they did in a day or two. The rest of the series looks pretty cool. for the very best items on the net.

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    I've got the series recorded and I'm super excited to see the techniques!
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      Yeah, the first episode was really good, and seeing the teaser for the rest of the season has me really pumped up!
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        FYI, I thought this was pretty cool. Here lately I have been talking to a lot of vendors and found out that one contestant Tom Devlin is the owner or co-owner of 1313FX Fright Zone. This company is donating to the Insane Shane Party. He is the guy with the mohawk. He was a member of the winning team last night. Thought that was cool. They will be at TransWorld. Check out their website. It has several pics of Tom working.



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          The show I've been waiting for FINALLY premiered. The workshop IS AMAZING!!! Some great work by the teams!

          ...I wondered if any of the contestants would be at TW, thanks for the insider Sue! I watched some of the audition tapes on SYFY's website a few weeks ago and looked up Tom's company. A few artist have companies. REALLY COOL STUFF!
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            I liked it.

            My thoughts....

            I thought it was unfair the way the judges tore some of the contestants apart but you have to think… they only had two or three days. Some movie monsters take months/years to just come up with the concept, then months of testing, test shots, different lighting, how it looks on film, the list goes on. With the camera in their faces, nerves running high cause they know the world is watching, I think they all did well.

            The judges and host are a little too intense for me. Its like take it easy but maybe that’s just me. Ill keep watching to see other ideas but hope it its not so intense all the time.

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              I watched it last night- several folks have said to me that i should be on it, I always told them I wasnt good enough because I know my sculpting ability isnt at their level. With the extreme time constraints I think I, or any haunted house make up artist has a good chance. Another thing that makes me think a haunter would do well is design aspect, Alot of things were very poorly thought out. I figured that my skill level (fine to good for haunts) would keep me out or make me lose the competition, but last night I would have been an asset in every challenge- thats cool to know.
              I also am learning things from the show (from the pitiful amount of time they show FX work) like the mold that was shown for the elephants leg (pure slackers for them giving up on that by the way) The keys were done in a very interesting fashion.
              I think its a good show that in a small way promotes one side of what we do, Im sure as the show goes on I will see why I wouldnt do well on it but knowing I wouldve made it through the first elimination Im pretty sure LOL.


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                I found it to be entertaining. I think it will run its course pretty fast, but overall I like what I see so far.

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                  I thought it was pretty good, but I would like to see more FX work and less trumped up drama. Also, I was under the impression that this contest was for new make-up artists. I was expecting the contestants to be fresh out of school or just starting out, but most of these guys have had careers in the business for several years. And own their own shops. I rather see people in the competition that really need the boost to their career, rather than established artists.
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                    I agree that I would rather see new artists but they would risk a lot with the first season if the students just sucked really bad.
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                      Didn't see it.

                      Did they use the same formula they use on "Hell's Kitchen" and "The Biggest Loser"?
                      All the "Da-da,.Da-da!" Drama that is so phoney and unnecesarry with false threats and goofy statements that turn to "o" when they return from the commercial break?
                      Anybody throwing things and throwing temper-tantrums? I refuse to watch such poorly orchestrated juvenile crap, my time is more important, especially if I'm holding down a toilet with my one and only butt!
                      Most of you seemed to have liked it and were possibly impressed. This speaks well of the production and creative efforts and skills displayed=good TV.
                      Glad to hear it. Maybe next time I'll watch it somehow.
                      I watched the Bears-Packer's game on-line. Timeout discussion was all in Swedish but it made about as much sense but more entertaining than English.
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