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Hauntworld Magazine Issue 26 Details... Shipping

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  • Hauntworld Magazine Issue 26 Details... Shipping

    Okay folks all this talk good and bad about magazines... all I can say is that I've promised three a year and three are coming. The first one is coming NOW... the printer picked it up and its being printed. The magazine will ship NEXT WEEK!

    It's DONE!

    I think its 56 pages and its jam packed with info... It features FOUR haunted houses as we threw in Lemp article we already had ready to go because we needed three more pages of content. Field of Screams, Mortuary, Lemp and Talon Falls all featured.

    Article from Ben Armstrong about when something is too much, stilt article from our forum buddy (you can guess who its a stilt article) (LOL), Jim wrote an article about air compression, articles about Transworld show, and jam packed with ads from the industries BEST VENDORS!

    We want to THANK the BEST vendors in the industry the same ones who support the magazine over and over and over again, those are the ONLY vendors helping us help you!!!!

    Without those vendors we CAN NOT PRINT the magazine... remember them all when you visit the TW show!!!!

    Again the magazine is shipping out NEXT WEEK!

    Now we are TRYING our best to put ANOTHER ONE together BEFORE TW show... it will be VERY TOUGH! If we can we'll get it done if not there will be another magazine just after TW show.

    Hauntworld 27 will feature the following haunts: Headless Horseman, Nightmare on 13th, and USS Nightmare. Still need articles so if anyone has any suggestions or want to submit something hit us up!

    Larry Kirchner

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    I'm glad you'll be covering USS Nightmare. It's an incredible haunt with great actors, a one of a kind setting and incredible set design. They'll finally get the credit they deserve and will be proudly showcased.
    Spooky Wishes

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      I thought you said 27 would have the haunted hootchie at dead acres. I was looking forward to that. I feel like our buddy is Allen Im very glad he got in on this. I hope he will have somthing every issue. And I know BEN knows what hes talking about.
      I cant wait.



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        Dead Acres is going to be in the Summer Issue with Terror Behind the Walls

        If anyone else wants their haunt featured TALK TO PATTI NOW... there is NO time to delay on this!

        We have four haunts featured in this coming magazine, and THREE in 26 and 2 so far for the summer issue. We can feature two more and that is it for 2011.

        We are making this new page on Hauntworld which will show you ALL of the featured articles on one page ... that is coming soon!

        Larry Kirchner