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    Got an email today from the new HHA asking for our continued support for the organization. Are they kidding? I was given a list of all the things I would get for joining. Then I got letters or emails stating that all of the magazines we were promised were no longer being sent. Another organization that can't keep its promises. Unless they cough up the rest of my mags I an definitely against anyone joining the HHA. for the very best items on the net.

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    Are you sure you got an email from hha? You do know there is no HHA anymore them and the iaha have merged there was an email that went out a while ago. Also the magazine issue is the fault of the magazine people they make them and send them out the associations never touch the mags contact the magazine folks and get your mags.



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      It was from the HAA grimley,
      I see both sides here, kinda crappy that Larry pulled his mag (but did say that he would talk to the new association), and Haunted attraction Mag is very slow getting issues out so a years subscription only gets you one or two issues. I just got a letter from fango saying that I needed to resume.
      Selling Halloween wouldnt be a bad mag to have, or a deal wih 13th hour. But I really hope that Larry and the HAA work something out because Hauntworld mag is the most consistant producer out there for our industry right now.
      I Dont know...I really wanted HHA to work, but I will sit and wait this year I think...again.
      Allen H


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        You should also check out the new Fright Times Magazine. 2 issues for $20 and they actually tell you when you are getting your magazine. It's not a guessing game on when the next one will be released.
        Spooky Wishes

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          Allan just to be clear I was informed by them they would no longer be buying the magazines. I was told do not send anymore magazines to members. I merely informed u that I would not be sending u one if u join Haa.

          So I didn't do anything crappy. Lol

          In fact I called Patrick koppelsky iaha prez and told him a year ago we would ship mags to iaha members same as hha and he said no thanks. So I tried to treat both the same.

          Lastly I'm not joining Haa because I'm sick of giving money, time, energy and support to something that doesn't work, isn't supported doesn't help anyone and simply put is not needed or demanded by the industy. At such time the roof starts to leak we can come back to it. In the meantime.... Going to focus on making this site better.

          Don't want to join something people will just end up fighting about over and over and over and over.....

          Hope this clears it up

          Larry Kirchner


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            I don't really know all the details but I think I can help with some confusion here.

            The HHA deal was that you got every magazine that published while your membership was valid. This was not a subscription per se, rather a mag by mag purchase. Larry came up with this idea because of the often erratic publishing schedule Haunt mags have. Thus if say Hauntworld had published 4 mags before Jan you would have gotten 4 mags. I think Frighttimes had two issues and both of those were sent. If they published one you got one, etc. Memberships run by calendar year, so you would have had to renew in Jan to get new mags anyway, even if the associations had continued.

            So as of Jan 1, everyone in HHA and IAHA would have been asked to renew, but both orgainizations have disbanded. If the HAA the new orgainization does not have mags as a benifit and it matters to you then let them know. But as far as HHA goes as far as I know all Hauntworlds and Frighttimes that published up until Jan 1 were purchased and sent as promised. As far as Fangoria goes that WAS a regular subscription (and it also publishes regularly) so it should continue until it lapses a year after it began. Important to note, I think Fangoria for whatever reason only publishes 10 issues a year.

            I don't have every detail these days but perhaps that explains your questions.

            Ben Armstrong


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              I just got a bill from Fangoria around 160.00 a year, don't think so. I hardly opened it. Hauntworld is worth it and Haunted Attraction I got 1 in 2010 and no others but will probably renew my subscription. 13th hour, my opinion will NEVER give them money again. Was promised a magazine 2 years in a row and they never sent it but took my money.

              I don't think these organizations are necessarily for magazines subscription but a great bonus and tool for us to use and appreciated by all.

              Now what I think we have to weight out is it's down to one fee of 250.00 per commercial attraction with 2 members not 500.00 for two different organizations. Look at the discounts we receive at the show on top of show price. Is it worth it for 250.00? I will save that in one order with Scarefactory so I say yes.

              So it's worth it just to save the money on orders, I think. I did receive an application tonight by email from HAA. I would like to see what else they are planning however.


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                Do we know what vendors are supporting the new association and what discounts are being offered?
                Mike Bizub

                Ghouls Gulch


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                  It all a bunch of garbage. I don't even own a haunt but I work to support the industry in any way I can. We are retail. I was told at the both that I would get the mags for one year subscription each and not till Jan 1st. As we know many times the one year subscription can span one and half years due to irregular publishing. Just don't over promise to get members.You leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. The exact tactic they used was why subscribe to all the mags when you get them free with the membership. So yes it was bait and switch.

                  As for 13th hour I have had two subscriptions and have had to call to get every single issue. You would think after two years they could take a list and print some labels. They will hear from me at the show. I don't mind telling people when their service sucks. I don't expect anything different than the same treatment I give my customers. If they pay for a service or an item they should get it in a speedy fashion as advertised. If not they get a refund.
         for the very best items on the net.


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                    There's That Old Saying:

                    "The more things change, the more they remain the same."
                    I change my undies everyday, yet that stain/mark always looks THE SAME!
                    (Smells the same too?)


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                      Okay I have a bit of information... the new board of HAA voted to STOP buying magazines for members. So they are no longer buying ANY magazines for members... which if you ask me was one if not the biggest bennefit. Oh well...

                      I don't think it matters as some have pointed out like 13 Hour I don't think they've printed a magazine since 2009 (Am I right on that one)???

                      Doesn't it really matter though if you need an association to buy your magazine subscriptions then you are helpless. An association shouldn't buy you a magazine an association should do something that you can't do for yourself and that is why they have all failed.

                      As for vendor discounts I really don't know why that drum is beat on so much because you can get CHEAPER discounts YOURSELF you just have to ask... you have to be willing to walk up to a vendor and play some hard ball. Scarefactory has all sorts of discounts, Ghost Ride has a discount sale going on right now and EVERY vendor offers discounts at the show.

                      I know any vendor if they have some sort of HAA discount you can just ask for it and they'll give it to you or better... I know most vendors will give discounts if you pay in advance, if you buy now, if you buy more, if you buy at the show, the list goes on and on and on.

                      Haunt vendors are sorta like flea market vendors... everything is negotiable. Now you go to Walmart you pay the price listed period!

                      When you go to IAAPA you can get prices lower same deal like a flea market... they want your business don't want you to leave the booth without an order they will deal!

                      YOU HAVE TO ASK!

                      I know one vendor who is the most notorious buyer in the biz... he crammed an order down one vendors throat 'take it or leave it' for 35% off and the vendor took it. I'm not saying all vendors will but if you don't wheel and deal expect NOTHING!

                      IAAPA serves a vital role to the amusement industry doing the tradeshow, education, magazines, events, and they fight the government over new policy, laws, safety this and that and everything between.

                      Our industry can't do those things because its already being done by everyone and their brother... I'm sorry to say that I love the guys who are trying and who have tried hard but me I've moved onto worring about my own business, my friends, and less about what the Jones are doing.

                      I think an association for our industry is nothing more than something to fight over... not worth the effort.

                      It took a lot to get this far but I'm sorry to say this is the reality!

                      Lastly, take your money keep it, buy your own magazines, pay for seminars, haunt tours, buy dvd's, books, spend time with a friend in the biz ask questions, whatever that in and of itself will pay you back 100000000 times more than what our industry has to offer in terms of an ogranized association that helps your business grow!!!!!

                      Larry Kirchner


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                        Larry you definately have a point on the "don't ask, don't get". What is the worse they can say? No?

                        I did email the executive director and I got a response immediately from the President. Here is what it said:


                        We have been reaching out to all the vendors that have supported both associations in the past. For the most part, they are all supporting this merger and want to continue offering the discounts to our members. Our goal is to have the list worked out by Transworld.

                        Regarding your involvement in committees, in the last Screamzine we invited everyone to be a part of the committee process by emailing us your information, preferred committee, and a short bio. We will forward your information to the appropriate chair person.

                        Thank you,

                        Patrick Konopelski

                        And my response was:

                        Thank you Patrick for the response. I guess since I was suppose to be on the committee for Conventions (with IAHA), I thought I would have been contacted by now about Transworld. It has been extremely frustrating to me that trying to get more involved has not been noticed by people on the board/committee's. I actually spoke to you about this last year at Transworld because I was not going to rejoin. After speaking with you, I was fairly confident things were going to change. I was involved in 1 meeting on the marketing committee prior to the season start. Other than that, I never got emailed or called except to say, "I would be contacted when meeting started". Didn't happen. Understand the merger was being discussed and worked out, but we have to be ready to get those members excited about "what's in it for me to join".

                        I think I speak for many on this subject; I am a much smaller haunt than many of you on this board/committee's. I think listening and learning from everyone that has already "been there, done that" can be beneficial, but sometimes the smaller haunts seem to not be heard as much. I really think you need to make sure you have a mix of people on the board/committees to properly represent this industry. I am certainly not saying it has to be me, but I think this is something that most would agree with.

                        I will wait until Transworld and see how this all pans out and make my decision then. Thank you for taking the time to email me a response. Much appreciated.

                        Heather Bilbay

                        Atlease Patrick is on the ball with responding. That is a plus! Good luck to this association and hopefully we will see enough benefit to join and keep it strong!


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                          What exactly did any of you think any of these organizations were going to be able to do for you? What exactly did you want out of all this?
                          Jared Layman


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                            For me I expected safety awareness of our industry to be pushed, which in most cases it has. Awareness to the public that this industry is growing with the Travel Channel stuff was great. Even though it featured many of the large over the top haunts, it still helps the smaller ones be noticed. Several customers go to Field of Screams or Terror behind the Walls in PA and come to us and say wow you guys are doing things that they do, or you have a unique way of doing this or that. It's all about public awareness which is something that we need to stick together on.

                            The discounts are good and an absolute benefit and the magazines were nice because we didn't have to remember to renew them. Otherwise, it's all about getting involved and having input.

                            Frankly whether we pay the association fees or not, we will all benefit from these very things because the "public" really doesn't give a crap whether we are part of the association or not. They just want to have a good time. It's all about us supporting each other.

                            You'll always have BS in any organization/job situation/career so you can't avoid it. So our question becomes "what's in it for me". So to HAA, I think some are feeling like things have been taken away from them and that is leaving some feel empty. Am I correct folks?

                            One more thing to that on the magazines we get upset when we don't receive them and then I am certain the association takes some of that blame on their shoulders because the publications didn't produce. It was to be a benefit of ours for being a member. So I can see why the association doesn't want to provide them any longer so that is one less headache to deal with and move on to what they really should be focusing on. Hauntworld & Fangoria is the only ones that I have gotten faithfully as promised.
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                              Like I said I have nothing against those who are trying but its a losing battle because for $250 bucks or whatever I could buy a subscription to every single magazine, buy several DVD's go to haunt tours, or almost afford a new IPAD. Now those things are cool... LOL

                              This thing is going no where no matter how many committees someone chairs no matter what magazine they offer to pay for you, everything they would offer or could offer you can get on your own with your own money strictly based on if you want it or not.

                              All the people who made HHA happen, they did a LOT of hard work, they cared and they tried and they made things happen... they all deserve an award. The issue is not their effort or my effort... the issue is no matter what you do its not good enough for someone, the issue is because you don't run a tradeshow you can't make enough money to do anything, and lastly the issue is the mass majority of haunts are simply NOT interested.

                              In order to get haunts interested you have to be something that right now HAA can't be... relevant!

                              Education in this industry is EVERYWHERE... every Tom Dick and Harry is producing a tradeshow or convention, we have so many magazines even if they do or don't print one, we have every zombie and ghoul producing seminars, and events, we have industry websites all over the place, tons of people making books, dvd's, and more.

                              This is WHY it doesn't work...

                              Normally an association does these things but all we do is fight over the association . Seriously its not worth a continued discussion. We should drop it.

                              Larry Kirchner