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Pumpkinrot = Mouse Food for Trick or Terror

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  • Pumpkinrot = Mouse Food for Trick or Terror

    So this weekend was all about the Haunt. Saturday: Colorado Haunters Make & Take. Sunday: Move Trick or Terror from temporary storage to our new storage locker, close to where we actually live. Saturday was great, but on Sunday, we go to move, and find a big surprise...

    We encourage all of our staff and volunteers to build props. Our Operations Manager built a Pumpkinrot style pumpkin demon last season. Looked GREAT in the Haunt! When Haunt season was over, we asked all of our staff and volunteers to take the props they made home with them. Apparently, our Ops Manager forgot one. The Pumpkinrot style Paper Mache monster he built included a lot of flour. And mice LOVE flour.

    We arrived today to find that a TON of mice had a buffet on our props! They only ate the Pumpkinrot, but left droppings on ALL of our props. Even in coffins that were completely sealed. We spent 4 hours, with face masks, latex gloves and Lysol, removing droppings and disinfecting props.

    Paper Mache is great, but don't leave it in storage without sealing it first...
    Chris Tillman, President
    Rocky Mountain Terror, LLC
    Trick or Terror Haunted House

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    Many Moons Ago..

    As I began living in my haunted house, I kept no food here at all because the house had a large number of mouse entrances.
    One spring I discovered a pack of cigerettes some customer had lost when going through the house that fall. A mouse was So Hungry they ate half of the cigerettes! (Might they be mere chewing tobbacco for mice?)
    Mice baseball players, on the mound, spitten, chewing, hacking luggies all over the field...
    "Just hald a flake between your tiny little cheek and gum.'