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    Dressing them as a Civil War soldier, this might open up a whole new market , North and South.
    Those other past conflicts still hold memories for many living people and their grandchildren.
    War memories are stubborn things, they don't fade too quickly for a great many of it's victims.
    A WW2 vet had gotten a piece of schrapnel in his eye, the metal was removed, he got married had kids, grand-kids, then 50 years later he got cancer in that eye and it killed him. Was this a war casualty? Might have been?


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      Tim, they look awesome! For everyone thinking of getting one I can testify that Haunt Tactics has great customer service.
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        Awesome work!!! Very impressive!


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          If you can show some of the under-structure for the costumes that would be great. I'd like to see how the pieces link or if you have them attached to a stretchable fabric. This would help us judge the durability of the costumes for haunt use.

          The one off putting feature for me is the stylize skull, looks too kid friendly perhaps make head variants that can be mixed and matched allowing for super realistic faces and the stylized skulls.



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            Great work guys!

            Please support Haunt Tactics. They were more than gracious when i visited their shop and gave me a grand tour of their haunts. Great product and great guys = GREAT SUCCESS!

            Ed Z


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              Ed you are far too kind. You and your crew are welcome back anytime.

              Ok let's see if I can answer some questions.

              Yes we will be at Tw, booth 909. We'll suppply the beeer lol. I will se what I can do about under constructiOn shots. I'll see what I have. As far as the style and look of the masks we are nowhere near done this line. We will have a few more variations hopefully the will tickle your fancy. As far as movement these are spandex(underarmour) suits. They stretch very well and the actor has full range of motion. Video coming soon.
              Tim McCall


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                Originally posted by the ogre View Post
                the helmet is a replica. filberglass i think? the skeletal sculpt took over a week that doesnt include hands arms legs and hips. to finish a costume from molds to painting to outfitting. sheesh hard to say if we are lucky we can get two out a day, but we have been at this since november so we have a growing inventory. it has been nuts for us and i feel bad for my partners because as they are rocking out these bad boys and busting there asses im trying to juggle school,work,rugby and haunt tactics. IM GOING NUTS. i promis well pull through and bring you guys the sickest costumes in the industry!!!

                The helmet is a full weight veitnam era helmet. Military issue. The production time on one costume is as follows (on general models):

                11-14 hours molding
                4.5 hours of latex coating
                3-5 hours of painting
                3-5 hours costuming and second paint
                2-3 hours final detailing

                If the whole crews on it it takes up to 4-5 days to actually complete a full costume. There is alot of work in these. they are in no way ever just slapped together. As for accessories. We always use all the original outfit material we can find. Like Ogre and i will say. "We are doing our best to bring you guys the sickest costumes in the industry!!!" Thank you everyone for your support and interest in our new products.

                And a special thanks to Ogre. Keep up the informative posts.

                Stan K
                Haunt Tactics


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                  Every picture I have seen the costume is either on the stand or a somewhat slim person. Is there a size limitation. Would the costume fit say a 225lb man? or even larger? Just wondering as not all actors come in one size LOL Other then that they look great.


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                    i really like the facial sculpt of your military zombies, but really dont like the military costume. the zombie itself is awesome, but the costume distracts from it a little.

                    The first zombie, awesome sculpt, awesome detail.... except for the face... it just doesnt look as good as the military zombie face. all in all, great products, just giving my 2 cents.


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                      our suits will go up to 2xl
                      Tim McCall


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                        Its a skeleton costume- shouldnt that be a fairly slim person? At some point it becomes a giraffe trying to wear a duck costume. One of the challenges owners and managers have is actor placement. You get all kinds of body types and they lend themselves to different types of characters. This is actually a good topic to have a thread on in order to see how different managers handle it.
                        Allen H


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                          All I have to say is the Houston Show had FREE Booze everywhere. Many a buyer had a good time just shopping.
                 for the very best items on the net.


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                            the zombie king
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                            Tim McCall


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                              Originally posted by the ogre View Post
                              the zombie king
                              now THAT is completely awesome. Terrific work guys!:shock: