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  • harperISbizarre
    My name's Bob Harper and I'm a veteran writer, producer and performer of all things audio for over 25 years. I began doing custom sound and broadcast work for the haunted attraction industry in 1993 and continue to do so, around the country, for some really great folks in the business. Some of their haunts are simply amazing.

    Although the majority of my normal broadcast and custom sound work is retail and corporate etc., "Haunters" are indeed my favorite clients! Unlike sterotypical business folks, you're all fun to work with, imaginative and willing to take risks. I admire anyone who puts his or her butt on the line in the entertainment business and truly appreciate all the work and energy it takes to do so professionally!

    I do work for all size haunted attractions and amusement parks and for those with tight budgets, I do have a few generic trax and CDs available at that are truly network quality for a fraction of custom work.
    You can audition various tracks as well and some of the methods to my madness.

    I wish ya'll a great '07 season...

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  • Dead End Haunted House
    Lol Thanks!

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  • Jim Warfield
    Steve Kristoff might have also been a mere 14 when he started?
    "Dead End Haunted House"? Good name.
    The Ravens Grin is a dead end haunted house if you keep on driving passed my front door on Carroll St. you will be going heaf-first over a small cliff. My westerly neighbor is the city graveyard, up there on the next hill, 6,400 graves.

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  • Dead End Haunted House
    Name: Mason Healy
    Age: 14
    Occupation: Haunted House owner
    Character: psycho
    Haunted House: Dead End

    Well I think that I am the youngest haunted house owner ever! jk I am starting new this year and would love advice, tips, sites to go to, or just anything else! I have put the whole haunted house together by myself and am so excited for the 2007 season!

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  • Master Viperous
    HELLo, newbie here. My name is Tom Powell and I am the webmaster and creator of . I invite you all to take the haunted tour packed with terrifying visuals and chilling sounds. It takes about two hours to make it to the end and of course there are 66 ways to die trying to complete the journey.

    I have so many horrific sights to show you such as the Cathedral of Ghosts, The Dark Woods of the Hell Dogs, Carney Vore's Carnival, The Prehistoric Jungle of the Zombie Beast, Dead Pirate's Pier, The Bed Chamber of Blood, Dorian's Dungeon, The Witches Infested Brewery, and many more creepy depots to make you lose sleep at night. The site also contains a gallery of my dark art, send a horror ecard, and other horror venues.

    Also, if you get stuck in a certain chapter, drop me a post here and I will give you a hint.

    If you own a horror website, feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to post your banner and link on my site.

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  • Veneficus
    Eric here, I'm a scare actor from Atlanta. I am very good at clowning and playing homicidal maniacs. I have been voted as one of the best scare actors in the house I work at. Hope to get to know everyone!

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  • Jack_Skellington
    My name is Dennis Moyer
    I am one of the Co owners of Zombie Heads LLC.

    Going to be building a New Haunt in Oklahoma. So Stay Tones cause it will be a good one I hope.

    Dennis Moyer

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  • travis.magee
    Hello everyone. Its been awhile since I posted on the forums so let me refresh and re-introduce myself.

    My name is Travis Magee from Dallas, Texas. 31 years old and a long time haunted house enthusiasts. My goal is to one day start my own haunt, but in the meantime I volunteer alot of my time to my friends haunt called the 13th Street Morgue in Red Oak, TX.

    I am an artist. Ive been drawing since the day I was born. (im pretty sure of it, haha). I went to the Art Institute of Dallas, worked for a couple of design studios and ad agencies, now im pretty much a freelance graphic designer and entrepreneur. I prefer to do my own thing so I can go after the markets that I like. Im not a person who just learned how to use Photoshop who thinks they can create designs for people and expect to get paid for it. First and foremost, I am an artist who just simply uses computer programs as tools. From Graphic Design to digital and traditional Illustration.

    One day I would love to just focus on the Haunt Industry, but until I get enough steady clients I continue to work alot with the music, entertainment, and fashion industries to pay the bills.

    Im just a haunt junky who cant get enough of it. Im thankful for so I can get my fix all year `round.


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  • neffuri27
    Matt, awesome you do not remember me I am sure, but I rememb

    You from Body Snatchers, I still have the pod you gave me.

    You are a wonderful person.

    Its great to see you are still in the haunted industry and special effects

    Friendly Huggs

    Kimberly Lynn Cole

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  • Matt Marich
    Matt Marich, Owner- Edge Designs & Theme Decor, Inc.

    ops: Age- 48

    Where-3,000 square foot shop in Phoenix Arizona

    What-We offer Scenic, Make-up, Design, and Animatronics

    Years in entertainment industry-28 professionally.

    :shock: Motion Picture Experience -around 30 films including Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, SPFX, Body Snatchers, Make-up Effx. and "Podmaker, Tombstone, Art Department.

    :evil: Haunt Experience- Haunting since 1978 with P.A.C. Foundation Haunt, as consultant in numerous charity and J.C. Haunts. Pro haunts include Lifeforms in 1988, Equinox in 1990, Design and animatronics for three different haunts in 1996, Choas! Trail in 2000, Outpost 32 in 2001, Alice Cooper's Nighmare's, Crypt of Fright Houston, Bedlam Manor Phoenix.

    :roll: Currently- Filling orders for Haunters from the TW Show, Developing new products, Building a "Cold Fire" Breathing Dragon for a Customer. Realistic silicone body effect for a customer.

    :wink: Future- Re-mounting Bedlam Manor our 10,000 Sq. Ft. Victorian Haunt. Developing Haunt Concepts for the Reatil Industry. Several products to be released in 2008/2009.

    :twisted: Loves- Anything Horror, good, Bad or Shlocky. I love to see what the other vendors come up with each year at TW, more than my own line! I love visiting other haunts, to see other peoples wonderful ideas, it's inspirational.

    :lol: Goals-To assist Haunters and up an coming home haunters become Pros the right way. Build the industry through sharing and mentoring.
    Listen to the needs of the industry to develop new products.

    :P Favorite Haunt-Verdun Manor, medium budget but you can feel the love in that location and the team spirit Lance had. Sorry I never got to meet him.

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  • Infraredkelp
    Hello everyone! I am the same person as Mr. Chips, I just started another account. But in case you didnt know already, I'm 14 years old, I have been apart of this forum for about 2-3 years now. I'm here so that I can learn more about the buisness, and I'm obsessed with Halloween. Someday I will have my own haunt

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  • Tater

    Name: Scott "Tater" Lynd
    Home: Ohio
    What you do in haunts: Right now i work at a non profit haunted forest, and i am trying to talk my family into having a haunt of their own.
    Charactors: J.A. the Clown, Capt Drunk, and Granny #2

    Been in the haunted field since i can remember. My dad used to work at the one i am currently working at. He used to bring us out when we were lil kids and put us to work.The haunt has been open 16 years and the memorys still keep flooding in.

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  • Jim Warfield
    Welcome "Mrs. BOO!"
    So you two hope to open something up and unlease that mind-tumor upon the unsuspecting world?
    I did the same many years ago and have fun being open here for house tours almost everynight of the entire year.
    So far the mind is still enjoying all of it, the body faulters alittle sometimes.

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  • mrs_boo
    Hello all!

    I'm Lindsay Layman and I just joined Hauntworld recently and I look forward to getting on here as often as possible. I am getting very excited about the haunt industry as my husband (mindtumor/Jared) and I are trying to open up our own. 8)

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  • Duke of Darkness
    Okay, I am finally getting around to doing this. A detailed explanation of how I got started in the haunt industry can be found elsewhere on these forums, so I will keep this to the basics.

    I am an attorney who is trying to transition into full time dark entertainment -- which is my term for running haunted attractions, performing theatrical ghost hunts and seances, telling ghost stories, and most anything else that combines magic and things that go bump in the night.

    I have been involved in the haunt industry for over 20 years now. While my greatest love is -- and always will be -- haunt acting, I have designed and built haunts, managed attractions for others, and run my own show. I have been involved in both charity and pro haunts.

    I am a partner in the newly formed Lords of Chaos, LLC and we will be putting on our first haunt this year in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon.

    My main haunt interest is using magical illusions in a haunt setting. My non-dark entertainment interest include backpacking, full contact fighting (MMA), writing ghost stories, keeping reptiles (who I really want to work into my shows), and coaching my son's wrestling team.

    Always interested in talking haunts and brainstorming scary things.


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