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  • Name: Brandon Callenius
    Age: 26
    Haunt: Sioux Falls Jaycee's Haunted House
    Location: Sioux Falls, SD
    I have helped the SF Jaycee's haunted house for 3 years now. The first year I was one of the rare rookies that was handed a room of my own to run. The second year I was given the job of line entertainment and the third I was asked to run the show. This year was the first year for some radical changes including a very strict no tolerance policy for roudy customers.
    I am new to but so far am madly in love with the site! Because I have already been told (not asked just told) that I am once again running the house next year I will be here alot learning all I can!


    • Thanks Larry

      I appreciate the offer to share a bit about us new arrivals and not the ones form the morgue either.

      I am truly lucky to be on here with many distinguished folks with all types of interests in the haunted entertainment business. I have quite a bit of passion for the pro-haunting business and recently moved down to San Jose from the Portland Oregon area for my work.

      There I ran a few efforts which were tons of fun and always a learning experience, first was the Crypt Club, then House of Midnight which was my first pro-effort and working with some great folks. Then helped Elshoff Manor guys on there first year with lots of props. Next was subbing out to The 13th Door, with one of my most favorite people "Raymond Latocki" who is a truly gifted Pro-Haunter. Then moved down here to San Jose and last week just brought down a ton of pro-gear in the hopes of building or meeting a new team to have a 2010 Haunt.

      I will be hopefully adding to the fray, and able to bring some insights or key learning into the discussions here.

      thanks very much for letting us new folks feel welcome!

      Gravenstein Productions


      • hello....

        Hello all!

        My name is Maggie.

        I live in east TN, and i worked for many years for Ripley's Haunted Adventure in Gatlinburg, TN. I may know some of you on here. lol!

        My last season with the company was their Fright Nights of 07, but I still carry a passion for haunted houses. In fact, my husband and I went and visited a couple in Kentucky and the local area this year. I think i have got him addicted now.

        I was a theatre major in college, so I have always been interested in performance, costuming, and make-up. Currently, I am working on my MBA for Human Resource Management, so theatre work isn't as much as it use to be for me. i do miss it, however. I love the Smoky Mts and i like to hike and backpack. When I am not doing everything else, I am also a mom . I stay busy needless to say.

        I look forward to some interesting threads and insights on many things haunted related.


        • welcome all newcomers
          Proud to be able to work at


          • Haunted House Addict

            Name: J. Elks
            Age: 30
            Haunt: Death Row- Sanitarium of Slaughter, formerly Death Row- The Haunted Prison
            Location: Nashville, TN
            Where as I'm new to this forum, I'm a veteran actor turned security in the haunted house industry for almost 10 years now (8 years acting, 2nd year security) & with the same haunted house.
            Throughout my years I've seen both actors & staff/security come & go, undoubtedly as some of you have as well at your places. I've got my hands into some of everything at our house, everything from issuing costume(s) & spraying makeup to helping build & maintain our nearly 30,000 sq. ft. house.
            Once upon a time we were 100,000 sq. ft., but that's another story for another time. My name is John "Morbid Matthew" Elks, & I am an Halloween/haunted house addict.
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            John Elks - Staff
            Death Row- Sanitarium of Slaughter
            Nashville, TN 37211



            • Hello all

              Frist I would like too thank Lonewolfmage and DrFrightner for working with each other to allow me membership. After all the confusion Im glad too be here.

              Iam a working with lonewolfmage as his tech and security person.


              • The name's Barnibus Rhindes!

                Name: Matthew Ward
                Age: 21
                Haunt: SCREAMPARK
                Location: Lexington, Ky

                I am new to this forum as well as i am fairly new to the industry. I came into the haunt industry back in September 2009. With help of the SCREAMPARK crew i was given the chance to act for them. Quickly, I was given the chance to portray Barnibus Rhindes, the ringmaster of SCREAMPARK and one of the 3 Icon characters. With the help of Ed Embry and Tyler Barnett a.k.a. Nightgore, I was given the opportunity to join the design team of SCREAMPARK and spend my first season as a Deigner for the 2010 season. I am excited to meet anyone who has any tips or ideas for me to use. Thanks also to Larry for accepting me into the forum as a member.

                P.S. Look for me at Transworld this year, i will be happy to meet anyone who would like to introduce themselves.
                "Good things come to those who wait but, only things left by those who hustle"
                "What's the matter? Never seen a pig before?" - Barnibus Rhindes


                • hello Everyone! My name is HellRazzors (Steve). My wife and I have been looking into opening a haunted attraction. This is something we have been interested in over the past 2-3yrs.
                  How do you determine what is the best location in your area to open your haunted attraction?

                  We have a very popular haunted attraction not far from where we live, east of Columbus Ohio. Is it overkill to have another within 10-25miles ?
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                  • Name: Joel D. Risberg
                    screen name: FX Man
                    age: 55
                    Live in Redford Mi. a sub. of Detroit.
                    I have done Mak-up and Fx for over 23 years. I do life cast and make appliances. I am looking for a haunted house in the area that might need my type of work. I ran JC haunted houses in the 80's. I just joind this forum 3 days ago. I like it at least here I can say things about haunts or FX and not get a funny look or comment. Happy Haunting to all and stay creepy.


                    • Name: Kris
                      Age: 24
                      Haunt: Graystone Manor ((Killen, AL))

                      Yeah, so I have been a regular visitor to HauntWorld for years now but just started this account so I could interact with all the people the share the same passion for this as I do...


                      • Lord Fright AKA Clifford Allen

                        An accomplished Actor and Director on stage and off. He has been haunting the public for over 13 years. Cliff's company is Worst Nightmare Productions, LLC. Cliff has Actor/Director training from Western Kentucky University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Cliff was introduced into the business of haunting by Allan Clifford of Louisville, KY (Nightmare Forest). Since then, Cliff has been involved in various haunted attraction projects, such as Nightmare Forest (KY), Waverly Hills (KY), Deadman's Trail (TN), and Dr. Juggernaught's Castle (CA and OR), just to name a few. Cliff is currently helping Tim and Tina Reuwsaat with Darkwing Manor (OR) while producing a Murder mystery fundraiser for October of 2010.

                        Lord of Fright
                        "I'm Smiling cause they have not found the bodies yet!"


                        • Mike "Pogo" Hach

                          Well to make this easiest to read I will break my intro into 2 parts: myself as a haunter, and then the company I work for and am introducing to this industry, so here is me, next post is my company...

                          Hello everyone!

                          I would like to take this opportunity to properly introduce myself and my company:

                          First about me personally:

                          Name: Mike "Pogo" Hach
                          Age: 31
                          Location: Cleveland,Ohio

                          Haunt Related Experience:
                          Have done everything in the haunt industry from acting, makeup, set and prop design, marketing, advertising, production, lighting, pretty much everything but owning my own attraction. I have been working in this industry since 1992.

                          I have worked for or acted (at least guest acted) at the following attractions: Bloodview, Haunted Hydro, Hinckley Haunted Barn, Carnival Of Horrors, Fright House at the DC Armory, Terror Tunnel at the IX Indoor Amusement Park, Dreamreapers, and Carnival Of Horrors at the IX Indoor Amusement Park.

                          I played extra roles in Robert Kurtzman's The Rage, Midnight Syndicate's The Dead Matter, David Greathouse's Legion Of Terror, as well as done camera and FX work for music videos of the band Mushroomhead (including the most recent video Your Soul Is Mine on the Saw VI dvd/blu ray), and done effects for several local short films, as well as several non profit prom drinking and driving demonstrations.

                          Extra Tidbits:
                          Met my wife Justine working at Bloodview Haunted house in 1997, then married at the Historic "Haunted" Mansfield Reformatory in 2007.

                          I helped form the Cleveland area acting troupe The Demons Of Darkness.

                          I will post photos of myself under profile pictures soon.

                          I used to frequent the Hauntworld boards but have been somewhat out of the loop for a while. Am having a lot of fun seeing all the great things that are still going on! Looking forward to staying active again! I will be in St, Louis and hope to meet many of you that I dont already know there!

                          Read next post for introduction to the company I am introducing to the industry:

                          Mike "Pogo" Hach
                          -Mike "Pogo" Hach


                          • Jakprints Introduction

                            Company: Jakprints Inc.

                            Location: Cleveland Ohio

                            Primary Business: Printing of paper goods, apparel, textiles, stickers, banners, wide format, as well as embroidery and a multitude of other product options. We also offer mailing services, custom creation of new and fun items, specialties like glow in the dark and fluorescent inks/threads, foils, embossing, debossing, lamination, and so much more. You dream it we can probably do it.

                            Noteable past industry related clients: Raven's Wolf Productions, The Legion Of Terror, David Greathouse, Ghostly Manor, Haunted Hydro, Carnival Of Horrors, Haunted Crypt Productions, Screamline Studios,, Mushroomhead, Nox Arcana, etc...

                            My "day job" so to speak is with Jakprints Inc. A professional printing company here in Cleveland, Ohio. I went to the owner with the proposition that there are not enough easily accessible options in the haunt industry for quality printers, and I wanted to use my knowledge of the industry to help change that. He liked the idea, and we have plans to have a lot of fun doing this, so here I am.

                            You may have seen our insert in this month's Hauntworld magazine, and we will also be featured in the coming issue of Haunted Attraction. I will personally be attending the Haunt and Attractions show in St. Louis to get out and meet as many of you as possible and show what we have to offer as well as share great stories from all of our haunt travels over the years. We are also considering exhibiting at other shows later in the year/next year based on the success of this project.

                            Being in the haunt industry I know a lot of what many of you both haunt vendors and haunted attractions/actors will be looking for, and we can provide most all of your print needs from paper goods, apparel, stickers, banners and wide format, silk screening, embroidery, sublimation, tons and tons of specialty finishing options such as foils, lamination, fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark inks/threads, and even mailing services to accomodate mailing lists, direct mail promotion, or preparing and sending promo kits out to sponsors. As our new tagline reads, we have more possibilities than you have places to hide the bodies.

                            In again having fun with this promotional venture, we welcome contacting us regarding any questions you may have on printing, prices, options etc... We also want to extend an invitation to talk with anyone interested in donating, lending, or trading any products that we could use in promo photoshoots for future ads and promotional pieces such as body parts, appliances, contact lenses, or in general anything that we could showcase in an advertisement. We would be more than happy to cross promote you with names and/or logos of the company providing products used on the advertisement. The sky is the limit and again we want to have as much fun as possible with this and do what we can to provide a great service in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere to the haunt industry.

                            Looking forward to talking with and meeting/working with many of you very soon!

                            (sorry for the 2 "book", just wanted to properly introduce ourselves)

                            Mike "Pogo" Hach
                            -Mike "Pogo" Hach


                            • Name: Jim
                              Age: 33
                              Location: Dallas, TX

                              Hi, everyone. I'll be attending the Haunt Show for the third time this March, and came to this site from the trade show page. My background is in architecture/design and I currently teach at a private art college here in Dallas. I've been a Halloween fanatic since a very young age, when my parents helped me start collecting decorations, props, masks, etc to create haunted houses in our backyard playhouse (I still have most of the stuff they bought me). My interest and collection has only grown over the years. At this point, I own a small online retail Halloween business and also do an annual complete make-over of the inside and outside of my home where I've drawn around 2,000 ToT's each Halloween for the last three years (people calling friends on cell phones has done wonders for drawing people to my home "get over here, you have to see this!"). Needless to say, I've totally outgrown my home... I've only been able to use about a quarter of my collection the last two years which includes professional quality props and pneumatic animations. Given my design background and haunt interests, my ambition is to eventually go pro. I've recently started the process of developing a business plan and am looking to make industry contacts. I'm excited to have come across this site and am looking forward to where this adventure continues to lead me.
                              Jim Shackelford, Co-Owner
                              Haunt 2013, LLC
                              The House of Boo
                              Dallas, TX


                              • I'm a little shy ...

                                Well, ahh ... I am the mortal component to Edgar Krawly, one of his drones to be exact. I handle all the internet activities and correspondence for Edgar Krawly when I'm not assisting with extracting fresh human brains, cleaning out brain jars, attaching probes and electrodes to human brains (yawn) or just standing there, drooling, awaiting my next command. But it's good work if you can get it ... employer matched 401K, health insurance ... dental only pays $25 a procedure, but I guess that's better than nothing.

                                Anyhoo ... I'll be poking around here once in a while. And if anyone is interested, we have a few vacant jars available and would love to extract ... err ... love to meet you.

                                I'll be bumping around the Haunt Show, although incognito.

                                Von Spooky Nachos
                                KREEPY KRAWLY'S HOUSE OF HORRORS - - "Ohio's Kreepiest Haunt" TM

                                Visit us at KREEPYKRAWLYS.COM