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  • Introducing HalloweenQueen

    Name: Stacy Moore
    Location: Big Spring, Texas

    Hello to everyone. I a brand new to the group. I have loved halloween since I was tiny. There was just something about getting dressed up in a costume and visiting the local haunted houses with my dad. I still enjoy visiting haunted houses. My Husband and I have been doing a haunted house party since we have bought our house and are looking forward to starting a small back yard haunt for our town.

    I have noticed in the past few years that the number of trick or treaters has dwindled greatly. Last year we had one treater when we always ran out of candy in the first few hours. I am hoping that our haunted house may trigger a growth in the number of treaters around here.


    • Originally posted by mindtumor View Post
      Name: Jared Layman
      Age: 26
      LOcation: Davison, Michigan

      I have been a hauntworld member for awhile too. I have ran a hayride as part of a non-profit organization for a few years. This year my wife and I are working towards breaking away and running an indoor haunt.
      Good luck with the indoor! It is a ton of work but very rewarding! Do you have it planned out yet?
      Denver Haunted Houses


      • Sorry for the long post...

        Great to have found this place! My name is Kris and I teach 9th graders here in Kansas City. 4 years ago I wanted to raise funds for a school program so I proposed to my principal that we turn our already creepy JH school (which was featured in Steven Kings "sometime they come back" years ago) into a haunted house (running a professional haunt has always been a dream of mine). He said "okay, but fundraisers here don't usually go over well so don't spend much or you'll actually lose money." I spent a couple grand, got around 20 students to work the scenes and went out to open the doors at 7 PM....there were 3 kids there BUT of the kids said, "oh, we thought this was the back door everyone's on the other side of the building I'll go get them!" Like a slow motion scene out of Braveheart, a sea of students came running around the corner as an evil grin formed on my face - okay enough dramatics. We made $7,000 in 7 hours that weekend and haven't looked back. We now employ almost 100 workers for two nights (8 hours total) where we transform our school into 15-20 scenes including an elaborate cheker and strobe room, laser vortex tunne hallway, a train scene with the train blaster box and a life-sized train front, Black light clown rooms, our infamous hospital/insane asylum scene a couple pneumatic props and of course the chainsaw chase out the back door.

        We always take the new group of workers to our local downtown haunts to get them "in the mood" but this year we are excited to make the 4 hour trip to St. Louis and visit one of the best in the country - the Darkness and Creepyworld where we plan on learning from the best as we are always eager to add more and more to our "little haunted house that could"

        We're excited to lurk around this place and learn from all the real pro's of the industry this place has to offer.



        • I'm new, Bobby from Tucson.


          • any discussion on fire marshall issues


            • Nameaniel
              Location:Pensacola Florida
              Stuff to know: Rabid Metallica fan, my favorite monster is The Jackel from 13 ghosts. I like to write, and fool around with a movie camera.


              • Hi everyone, My name is Chad Snead I am 27 and been going to haunted house for as long as I can remember. I have built a scene at our local haunted trail one year and was an actor for a large haunted house the year after that. Then I got a job that limits my time home in the month of october so I am unable to work or help out at any doing that month. So when I am home I go visit as many as I can.


                • Name: Chris
                  Age:at the end of my 20's..
                  Location: Ohio

                  Hi all! I've worked at our haunted house in northeast Ohio for 6 years, ran it the last two years. We're a non-profit group, all of our actors are volunteer(which has it's own difficulties), and we stretch our tight budget as far as we can every year. It definitely makes for some creative set designs and costumes..


                  • Happy Haunt Season, everyone!

                    My name is Lys, and I've been reading the boards here for a couple of months now. I figured that I would start contributing a bit, though I fully expect to learn more than I teach as I'm a relative newbie in the haunt world.

                    My history: I started in 2002 at Screams in the Dallas, TX area. My first year I worked in Terrorvisions: 3D, aka "The Clown House" (Screams has 4 houses and a maze - along with a 5th house that is an independent and has an additional fee.) After that I worked two more years as a greeter for the same house.

                    My fourth year I moved over to the independent house and started working as the money handler for the Mythical Monster Museum and Trail of Terror. You may know of this house through Allen H. on these boards, he currently is in charge of Screams but also owns the Trail.

                    I've been at the Trail for the last few years, but this year got "outsourced" back to Screams and will be acting and managing in The Pumpkin Patch, a new themed section of one of the paths within the park. It's a new thing for us, so my actors and I will be learning as we go. I have well-trained people, though, so have no doubts that it will become a fun addition to Screams.

                    Looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning all there is to learn. I hope everyone has a GREAT season!!!

                    Actor / House Manager
                    Can't paint a wall to look like rocks to save my life *grin*


                    • Name: Jan

                      Age: 24

                      Location: Tustin, CA

                      I've been lurking here since I worked at my friend's home haunt last year, but I figured it was about time to say hi officially. This year he combined with Sinister Pointe in Brea, CA and I, along with my brother, my ex wife and our friend were lucky enough to be brought along for this season at least. I am really looking forward to being a part of this whole haunt scene for quite a while, and I am going to try to absorb as much information as I can. Thanks guys!


                      • Haunted Puget Sound

                        Hey y'all, it's me Furby.
                        After moving to Washington from my beloved NorCal, I took a few years off getting settled.
                        Now I'm back to haunting & traveling to review the haunts up here in the Pacific North West.
                        Glad to be back.

                        Sandy "Furby" Kimball
                        Haunted Puget Sound

                        "let the haunting continue"
                        Sandy "Furby" Kimball

                        Haunted Puget Sound


                        • Hello

                          My name is Myron. I spend most of my time building Sci-fi props, but every October I change gears to my haunted house. My brother and I run a small haunted house in my home town of Leadville, Colorado. Stapleton Manor. We have been doing it for about 10 years. It may even be the highest haunted house in the US at 11000 feet. lol!!!

                          I just ran across this forum, and it looked like the place to be. Thanks for letting me join, and I look forward to spending some time here.

                          Somebody stole my signature


                          • Hi

                            Hello they call me Howie I have loved haunted houses since I was very little and love acting in them. one day far into the future I would like to open my own haunted attraction some place. I ran into these boards and was surprised to see such a community. I look forward to chating with you all and learning more about the industry.
                            Proud to be able to work at


                            • Name:Matt

                              Been haunting for 12 years now. Just started getting into the tech side of the business. Next year is coming on as a consulantant for a new up and coming haunted house that started this year that wasn't as scary as it could be. I'm a huge fan of screams and creeping people out as much as possible. Hope to share my knowledge and learn some around here.


                              • Welcome to all who are new to these forums! I need to try and remember to check this particular thread out more often. This is a great place to get help from many who share the passion for all things haunt and Halloween! Now that the haunt season is behind us, I'll try and get on these forums more often to help when and where I can. I've received an incredible amount of help from members of this incredible industry myself and I hope to be able to do the same for others as well. Again, welcome!

                                Kelly Allen
                                Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction