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  • Name: Matt Colton
    Age: 16
    Where: Lancaster, NY

    I am owner and designer of the garage haunt "The Forsaken Crypt". We do this every year and accept donations for charity organizations. Now a little about me, I really enjoy horror and scaring people out of their socks. Ever since I was 5 I have always loved making haunted houses. Especially back in the days when we had nothing but a skeleton and some sheets. Every year by myself since I was 9 I would decorate my garage on a very tight budget. All the people going in came out happy and entertained. As years went by I assembled a team and a higher budget and we aim to continue growing untill it can't grow any more. In the years to come were will be going professional but for now I enjoy entertaining and horrifiying the neighbor hood folk. Please check out website at if you are interested or in the area!
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    Matthew Colton
    Frightworld America's Screampark


    • teasting

      Test post Larry is tring to set up account for me


      • I'm Casey, fairly new to this forum and also to home haunting. I don't have enough time to make home haunting my life, like some of the people posting on here, because I'm currently a full-time college student. I live in Austin, TX and drop in here when I get a chance because I regularly find helpful information. Thanks for that!


        • Chris D
          Destin, FL
          Age 37

          Hi everyone. New to HW, but I have to say we are enjoying itvery much. My wife and I just got into hauntinga few years back, and I have say we are loving it.


          • I'm just another haunter, new to HauntWorld, and with a bizarre sense of humor.

            I've already explained this in my signature and in a thread we started, but the username BarbieHaunt is not related to Barbie dolls. Instead, it was our private joke name for the haunt. Why? Because the haunt reminds us of a Barbie Dream Haunt before its pastel pink and blue styrofoam walls are hard coated and painted.

            And I have already received an enormous amount of useful information from many of you and am very grateful.

            Friends Sold Separately
            (You Too Can Be Sold -
            Just Join Our Friends List!
            Obviously Kidding About Being Sold)

            Actually, as explained previously in a thread we started, the silly name BarbieHaunt has absolutely nothing to do with Barbie dolls but was our private joke name because before the haunt's pink and blue styrofoam walls are hard coated and painted, it reminds us of a Barbie Dream Haunt.


            • my intro!!!

              hello everone...

              I come in to this weird but fun world of ours on 3-14-85 and it's been fun so far. now jump a few years.. I started my every first job as an actor at a haunted house and been doing it sicne then. That was back in sept. 2001 and now it's 2009 this fall will be 9 years and it's been good. my wife started in 04' and has been doing it up in tell now and she is the only woman to work more years than any other woman at this haunt. all the girls here would flak out on us every year. as an actor i have work the ups and downs and the ins and outs of a haunt. i have seen the bad and good too. i have been on news papers and on tv too. so after many years of working there. I will leave some time in the next two to three years and start my own. but in the mean time i will work there up in tell that time comes.

              yes i know i have given so much to this haunt but i want to fly on my own and see how it is. I also have seen some things that this haunt do. they make there haunt actors feel like crap and they are back stabers too. i have tryed to talk to them and it goes no were. when you give them your ideas. they will give no cedit to you or to that person at all. i can go on and on about this part but you know the idea..

              as in my own life besides haunted house stuff i like to have fun and my real job is working at a security officer and NO i am not a mall cop. my true fav. car is a hearse.. but i don't have one at this time. By the way i live in Idaho. i am about 25 miles from boise and no i don't have to drive 100 miles to get to a walmart and yes i do like potatos..... I have been married close to 2 years and i am sorry to all you nice ladys out there but i am taken... i like talking to people who is in the same things i am in but i like to talk to people who have diffrent ideas and sees the world in a weird way like how i see it. OR all at the same time.

              any ways i have been talking to long and i will talk to you later. hopefully i will talk to you soon!!

              it's ok... the dark has many faces you can't see..


              • Hi!

                I've already posted a longer version of this in "Products, Vendors, and Industry Issues", but most of the action seems to be here in this forum. I'm leaving out the shameless plugs, but if you want more info, see this thread:

                My name is Valerie Beteag, co-owner of Phantom Foundry Productions, a costume and prop company currently based in Atlanta. We specialize in high-quality, handmade costumes and props for the haunted attraction industry, as well as Mardi Gras, Ren Faires, etc.
                My husband, John, and I have been in the haunt industry as designers/techs for several years. We met a lot of you guys at MHC a few weeks ago, and we wanted to introduce ourselves here on the forums.

                We would LOVE to hear any suggestions for costumes you might like to see. What's made you say: "Man, I wish someone would make a _______". We want to make what you guys want to buy!

                Phantom Foundry Productions




                • Frightworld America's Screampark Buffalo New York

                  Name: Danny Decker
                  Age: 19
                  Location: Buffalo New York

                  All who are interested in learning more about another young one in the industry keep reading. I am officially talking now as the "voice of Frightworld" in Buffalo New York. I've been on board with Eerie Productions for years now as a kid who loved halloween and who researched the industry at such an age of 13. I felt like, and no offense to any one, but that my knowledge to the industry was equivalent to those who have been professionally in the business for years. I read magazines, blogs, watched video's etc. and that I did! However didn't know jack about business and what it took to create a unique event for thousands during the horror season. So threw out my volunteered hours of learning and creating such a monsterous event in Buffalo and being apart of a successful growing and premier screampark in the area I am very glad and bless I learned what I did. Some of you may have seen me at such conventions stuck to the side of Ron Doherty or Jason Anderson (the creators of Frightworld) threw out the years. I went to learn and to get great ideas for our show here in the snow capital of the world. Growing up with shows such as Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Goosebumps, and even the old school horror movies I always would surround myself with horror. Was I mocked at school for placing myself in these genres? You bet your ass but its funny how many friends you make during September and October.

                  How I started here at Frightworld as a complete stranger and yet "enemy from our now competition" was a very interesting story and so has my journey to where I am today with the industry. I would love to talk more but I'd rather get my info out and say "HI!" to everyone and introduce myself. So from now on I am, like I said before, "The Voice Of Frightworld America's Screampark" from Buffalo New York. I know most vendors and some haunt owners but I'd love to meet more and just talk Halloween. Happy Haunting and good luck in the 2009 season to all!
                  Frightworld America's Screampark
                  Buffalo, New York


                  • Name: Misti Bennett
                    Location: Dallas, TX
                    Haunt: Thrillvania Thrill Park
                    Position: Verdun Werewolf & Management Staff

                    I've been at Thrillvania for 6 years now.

                    Currently, I've been added to the management team amongst other creative duties around the haunt.

                    Haunting has become my life and my passion!

                    Lance Pope is my professional hero. He was a creative genius and continues daily to teach me new things through the work he has already done and stories from his friends and family.

                    In non-haunt related stuff, I'm a professional student - meaning, I have no idea what I want to major in because I'm fascinated by so much. My 'real' boring job is a Tech Support Agent for a company called CSC. Basically, I offer tech support via email and goof off all day on haunt related sites and Facebook.
                    Misti Bennett



                    • Name: Travis Magee
                      Age: 33
                      Location: Dallas, Texas
                      Company: Brutal Industries

                      Hello everyone. My name is Travis and I am a graphic artist. I am a graduate from The Art Institute of Dallas. Ive worked for a couple of ad agency's and design studios in the past and started freelancing in 1998. Earlier this year my business partner and I started Brutal Industries. We specialize in hardcore graphic design, web design, photography, video production, custom props, and more.

                      My passion for haunted houses began as a young teen. The adrenaline rush of being scared and never knowing if you are going to make it out alive just gave me a rush like no other. When it was all said and done you could laugh with your friends the whole way home. There are not too many things like it in the world. I was very familiar with all of the local haunts but wanted to see what else was out there. Once I learned of other haunts like Rocky Point Haunted House, Netherworld, The Darkness, etc... it really opened my eyes to a whole new world. I purchased every HauntWorld VHS, subscribed to HauntWorld and Haunted Attraction Magazine, and attended every HauntCon for the past 5 years and recently my first Transworld. I became totally consumed in learning everything I could about this industry and I love every bit of it.

                      There are some great competition out there but I am striving to be the very best this industry has to offer and completely stand by my work.
                      Travis Magee
                      Brutal Industries LLC


                      • I'm another home haunter from a tiny place called Texas. It's hot, humid, and mostly drought-ridden these days, although we have had a few spells of severe thunderstorms with tornadoes and giant hail recently. You know what they say - everything's bigger in Texas.

                        I'm still finding my way around, but like all of those before me who have said so, I have been finding tons of invaluable info here. Thanks to Shawn, who showed me the power of the Search button in the yellow menu at the top of the screen, and to everyone else who has helped me along the way.
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                        They call me PhReAk for a reason...


                        • I would like to thank all the little people and you know who you are. The music is playing so just thankyou.

                          Another fabulous post from the U.S.Department of Wild Imaginings, now in spectaclar stereo, sponsored by the Adhesives and Sealants Council, suggesting ways to stick things together since the 1800s. Not fabulous in a gay way. Your results may vary. Illinois residents add 8% sales tax. These posts have been made by professional post makers, do not try this type of posting on your own without extensive training, lovely assistants and a trusty clown horn.


                          • Based on the previous posts, it almost sounds like I need to thank the Academy and my higher power and all my family and friends who helped me get here. I'm just glad we've chosen our name and theme, and for now, let me thank you in advance for all the help I expect to find here. Hopefully, we will take off and you will hear more from me.


                            • Hello Everyone

                              Name: Donald Hilsabeck

                              Location: Las Vegas, NV

                              Age: 16

                              Hello haunt forums!! I am Donald or Slitwrist the clown and I have been building haunts and scaring as far back as i could remember. I would help any way i could be it filling the candy bowl at the end or hitting the fog machine button. Of course I began scaring at some point at the age of 9. Me and my family have always done home haunts and now that im older im starting a life long passion for scaring in professional haunts. I have done 3 pro haunts so far and would LOVE the opprotunity to do more in the future. I am planning to work the FRIGHTDOME here is sin city this year, hopefully that works out well. Thats pretty much it guys if you want to know anything else feel free to PM me or email me at: or add me at:
                              I'LL SEE YOU... IN THE DARKNESS!!!


                              • Name: Jordan
                                Location: Oregon

                                Glad I can finally post
                                - Jordan