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  • Woot woot.... (raises roof)... -Tyler
    Chris Riehl


    • Name: Lauren Lobosky (however, Jim calls me "January" - I'll let him explain that one)
      Age: 21
      Occupation: College student/manufacturer/TA
      Halloween Occupation: Monster/occasional technician
      Where: The Darkness

      Like all of you, I've had a fascination with Halloween since I was young but I never did too much about it until I joined The Darkness this past season as a monster. As a result, I met Kip and ended up helping him out with the animatronics and such during the off-season to help get the house ready for TW. I was the lucky one who got to flip the power on every 45 seconds during the tour and I got the privilege of wearing the doll face mask in the bedroom on Saturday night. I was also one of the girls who gave birth to a zombie for Distortions during TW. I'm majoring in aerospace engineering and am seriously considering letting my engineering degree take me the Halloween route. I enjoy acting but I love working behind the scenes with the animatronics and am hoping to get into it more this season.


      • Introduction

        Hello all, I'm your average Joe nobody-home haunter, Erin Crigger from Wright City, Mo. Was lucky enough to attend Transworld and it's really got me amped for the coming season. I found this forum and several others on haunting since the Transworld show and hope to learn as much new knowledge as possible for use in mediocre home (front yard) haunt.


        • Introducing myself

          Hi, my name is Pete Follo. I'm just now getting into the beginning stages of the haunt industry. I'm from the Flint Michigan area, where the economy really sucks, but I am determined to give this a whirl. I am going to Hauntcon, and hopefully will get a chance to meet a lot of other haunters. Thanks for reading. Pete
          Pete Follo


          • Hello Everyone

            My name is Sean McCartney and I work for Moneris Solutions...I have talked with many folks in your industry over the past couple months and I am really excited about helping as many of you as possible with your payment processing needs now and in the future...I already have signed up quite a few haunters and I am looking to help more...Whether you need help with Web payments, wireless terminals, virtual terminals, standard terminals or on line check acceptance...I can and will help you get set up with a solution to all of your web, wholesale, haunt and event needs...Look for my banner on this site and my ad in the June Mag...My focus this year is helping the Haunt industry and I am really looking forward to it...Give me a call or email me for more info...


            Sean McCartney


            • Hey everyone,

              I am 24 years old and a graduate from the University of Central Florida, most importantly, I am a Halloween fanatic! This is due partly to the general awesomeness of the holiday and partly to the fact that I was born on Halloween. From as far back as I can remember Halloween has been a big part of my life. Every year my parents would go all out and try to give me a birthday that I could remember. I went to a small private school from kindergarten to 7th grade and they allowed my folks to host a Halloween Costume party in my classroom every year. It was so much fun and I always looked forward to dressing up and seeing all of the Halloween decorations and party favors. Also, by pure coincidence, my school loved Halloween as well, so every year they would turn their classrooms into a Haunted House full of fun and exciting scares! Well, this instilled into me a passion for Halloween and Haunted Houses.

              Last year I hosted a successful Halloween party and realized what my passion in life is. For the past few months I have been tirelessly researching the haunt industry trying to learn as much as possible. I have been purchasing the Hauntworld magazine which I find an invaluable source of information. Reading articles written by actual haunters is amazing as it is both fun and informative. I have also read ‘So You Want to be A Haunt Entrepreneur’ by Kelly Allen another source I find to be invaluable. I plan on going back to school for Stage Craft. In doing so, I hope to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for stage craft which I will use to gain employment at one of the local haunted houses in my area. However, it is my ultimate goal to one day open a haunted house all my own. Every day I try to fill my notebook with ideas of themes and scares as well as important information related to the haunt industry. By the time I’m 35, it is my hope to have successfully owned and operated my very own haunt!

              Thank you very much for reading this and getting to know a little bit about me. I have recently registered to the Hauntworld forums and will be getting to know as many of you as possible! I look forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas about the haunt industry and making new friends.

              Thanks again and Happy Haunting!

              Michael A. Logsdon

              Feel free to contact me via

              P.S. You can read my full bio as I am a registered 'guest' on Hauntworld with the same name as logerton. I have posted some pictures and video of my various haunting exploits. Check it out and let me know what you think.


              • My name is Elliot. Ive worked at Hundred Acres Manor in Pittsburgh for about 3 years. I'm just getting into the industry part of it all and I don't know allot of people (but I hope to change that). 18, graduating from high school in a month and trying to go to school for theater. I have an interest in makeup, and I also would love to do some designing one day. Uhm, Ive hit my head off a drop door once (not using it in the manner in which drop doors are used by normal sensible people), I took care of actors in the house for one night, did I mention Im still learning? Thats about me in a nutshell


                • Hey everyone! My name is Michael Edwards and I became a semi-professional haunter back in 1989 after meeting Lance Pope back when Thrillvania was just Haunted Verdun Manor. (Though I will admit to building my own haunted house in my parent's house when I was 7 - if you count a lot of sheet mazes and creepy music... HEY... I was 7!!)

                  Anyhow, I worked on a bunch of March of Dimes Haunted Houses during my High School years - 78-82 - where I was pretty much self taught and learned how make effects that actually looked good, while utilizing zero budget. After meeting Lance in 89 I opted to quit my full time job and move out to the property behind HVM (well, actually Lance and I stayed IN the manor that first year then bought a trailer the next). Over the next three years as Assistant Director of HVM, Lance pretty much taught me everything I know about the the HH industry (which was but a fledgling at the time) as well as better ways to bring my ideas to life. It was an awesome time, making a living working in my dream environment with the best teacher anyone could ever ask for (being that Lance is STILL the undisputed king of the HH industry, even so many years after his passing).

                  In 1992, I opted to leave for various reasons. It was a decision I still regret, but I did it just the same. A couple of years later I was hired as a consultant / designer / builder for SCREAMS in Waxahachie, TX, where I stayed on for another three years (and where I met my wife).

                  Afte that I pretty much fell away from the business. But my wife can attest to the fact that it never left my system. Of course, I always talked about HVM and Lance.

                  In 2001 I moved out to Fate, TX... which was only 20 minutes from HVM (now Thrillvania). I made it a point to go see Lance to let him know I was close and within 15 minutes he asked me if I would consider coming back to work with him. It only took me 0.15 seconds to tell him YES! So I finally came back home.

                  Sadly, that was the only year I was able to work with him as he passed away shortly after that season ended. I still remember getting the call and thinking it was a joke. Needless to say, I still miss my friend. I'm only thankful that I was able to work with him for one last year.

                  I stayed on at Thrillvania for two more seaons, but things had changed too much. A lot of the fun was gone, and attitudes kind of went sour. People who had been friends for years fell away from each other. So I decided to retire for good so I could spend more time with my family. I had a new baby girl and wanted to be home.

                  Flash forward to 2007. I got a call that one of my good friends from Thrillvania was building a new haunt less than 10 minutes from my house. I met Bart (Butler) out at what was to become THE HAUNT HOUSE and he took me on the tour of the then empty building. I was floored by his ideas, but even more by his enthusiasm. It almost felt like I was talking to Lance. Even better, My best friend from Thrillvania (Hobbes LeCompte) was helping out so I started to get the itch.

                  He got the house open that year and got rave reviews, but still I only stopped by to check it out. I was very impressed. The next year I ended up spending several nights 'just hangin around' and again was impressed by how much he had improved the house. But still, I didn't really get that involved.

                  Well, it is now 2009 and things have really changed. I was talked out of retirement and am now a full-fledged working member of THE HAUNT HOUSE. And let me tell you, it is the best decision I have ever made since leaving HVM so many years ago. Working with Bart and Hobbes (who oddly enough after 20 years of friendship is about to become my brother in law...) is a terrific experience. It reminds me of what it was like working back at HVM back in the old days. The fun is there, the spirit is there and the creativity is there in spades! I'm looking forward to a long relationship with THE HAUNT HOUSE!!!

                  Anyhow - that's me in a nutshell!
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                  Michael Edwards
                  Dallas, Texas



                  • Jeff Nix -

                    Hello HauntWorld

                    I have been on HW about 2 years or so, posting occasionally, mostly in reply to Bucky Skeleton related posts.

                    My name is Jeff Nix - Atlanta Ga - Operator of You can easily search this term on HW to review our other posts. I was an original “home haunter” in my youth and now am involved with developing innovative products for Halloween and related industries.

                    MrSkeleton is a manufacturer/distributor of anatomically correct plastic reproduction skeletons. Formerly we collaborated with ACC to bring back the discontinued Bucky line. We followed through with Skeleton store, who now markets much of our same product line under the previous ACC name “Bucky Boneyard’. Our two companies are no longer affiliated, rather friendly competitors operating in the same general markets with some variants.

           is currently a wholesale supplier only but during 2009, we will be *marketing* our line directly to the end user.

                    Many of you have inquired along the way about the retail haunter launch date and we appreciate your continued patience and interest. If you’ve not yet joined the conversation, please visit and sign up for our haunter study as we are using your input to assemble our retail effort. You can also subscribe to our notification list so that when retail does launch, you’ll receive instant updates.

                    The product line is ever expanding with an emphasis on high quality skeleton reproductions. We’ll continue to redesign old favorites to improve quality and functionality as well as introduce new items like our versa-skull and new 3 piece skull series.

                    Thanks for your time and come see us at
                    Jeff Nix


                    Jeff Nix
                    The Boneyards best Props and Accessories


                    • Hi from Grendel's Den Design Studio

                      Hi everyone. Some of you know me but for those who don't:

                      My name is Dave Christman and I'm the owner and operator of Grendel's Den Design Studio (, a digital design studio based in Philadelphia that's been in business for about ten years. I'm a graphic designer, web developer, illustrator and event deejay (under the name Dave Ghoul - I cater to a lot of different types of industries including music, horror, film and now the haunted attraction industry. You can visit my site for all of the services offered and examples of my work.

                      I also operate Philly Frights ( which covers spooky-type news and information from the Philadelphia region. And I'm one of the organizers of the Philly Zombie Crawl and Zombie Prom (, both of which have a working relationship with Eastern State Penitentiary's Terror Behind The Walls make-up group.

                      I've been involved with haunted attractions in some form or another since the late 80's but fell out of it for a short time. Now I'm making a push back into it.

                      I look forward to participating on this board and hope to learn some new things and meet some new people.

                      Grendel's Den Design Studio
                      Graphic Design, Web Development, Fine Art
                      Horror, Haunt, Halloween, Alternative

                      Phone: 484-798-4545
                      IM: AIM/GTalk/Windows Live/Yahoo: grendelsden


                      • Hello! My name is Chris Riccardo, and I am the owner of GorePit website. is the newest site which opened on January 9, 2009. We have a great, friendly community with over 11,000 posts on our forums.

                        We are always welcome to anyone visit! And, would love to see some new people to join our community!

                        Enter The GorePit
                        Chris Riehl


                        • Originally posted by HauntChris View Post
                          Hello! My name is Chris Riccardo, and I am the owner of GorePit website. is the newest site which opened on January 9, 2009. We have a great, friendly community with over 11,000 posts on our forums.

                          We are always welcome to anyone visit! And, would love to see some new people to join our community!

                          Enter The GorePit
                          Really, I thought a guy named Joe owned that site?
                          The Dead End


                          • Hello, my name is Heather and I'm a Hauntiholik


                            • Hi to everyone

                              Im Kelly Anderson, owner and operator of HauntYourHouse.NET . I've been involved in the haunt industry for almost 7 years.

                              A friend of mine asked me to help out in a haunt called the House of Shadows which was put on by the Boys & Girls Club of Sparta Wisconsin. I initially helped just to build a room in the 3 leveled building, formerly an infirmery for the Wisconsin State Child Center in Sparta. I was so amazed at the lengths that people would go to scare people. Being able to build this crazy stuff quickly grew on me. I then found my self working as a goul in the haunt. It was very hard to stay in charactor when all I wanted to do was laugh at our guest as they were getting so freaked out. I'll admit Im probably not the greatest actor, even after 6 seasons. But I really love designing and buliding rooms within the haunt. It didnt take long at all before I was the one that my mentors were coming to for advice. I wrote a page on some of the rooms I designed and built and posted it to my website The page is titled "The Haunted House".

                              After about 3 seasons, my passion for working in the haunt fueled me to want to start my own business as a retailer of Halloween and haunted house supplies. Its has been a nonstop learning experience; very challenging. Currently my site, www. is going through a full make over and I hope to have the new site up and running buy late summer.

                              But I really love to set up haunts. Ive met so many great people in the industry, I'm sure to meet many more here. I hope to learn as much as I can from you all and maybe throw some ideas your way as well.

                              Thanks much for reading,

                              Kelly Anderson

                              Kelly Anderson
                              Owner- Halloween Undercroft
                              Owner- Haunt Your House llc


                              • Lucas Cox here. Hauntworld newbie. We run a seasonal business in Centreville VA, greenhouse/garden center in spring, small vegetable production and retail in summer, Christmas tree retail in winter, and a large Fall festival/pumpkin patch in the fall. We have been talking about doing a haunted attraction for quite some time, it will actually happen this year!
                                Spring season is winding down so i need to kick fall into full gear. We are jumping into our haunt head first. We'll have a hayride, a trail in the corn and a corral area with a giant slide, fire, food, etc. Although we are very successful with our daytime fall festival, we have never done a haunt so I will be posting questions like crazy for the next couple months. I look forward to getting your advice and thank you for it in advance. We are ready to rock and roll!
                                Lucas Cox
                                Cox Farms