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Behind the Scenes or Insane Shane?

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    There is great value to everyone.. haunt owners, staff, actors, reviewers, vendors etc... in both events.

    The Behind The Scenes tour is a chance for Larry to show off his wares, and for everyone else to see his ideas and take their own from them, get some industry insight, and see in general how someone else does it...maybe rub shoulders with some bigger names in line. Its not a seminar...more of a R+D kind of event if you will. I don't regret doing it last year and hope to do it again this year. From the perspective of a long time haunter hoping to do my own attraction one day...I know there is great value in seeing how other events are done.

    Shane's party is a chance for EVERYONE to socialize in an event tailored to a large room with space and activities...not the overcrowded Renn bar that you are lucky you can find a seat in late night. For what you are getting I understand the ticket price. I mean even something as simple as when I planned my wedding...yeah its like $30+ a plate for just the food, plus appetizers, rentals etc..., but figuring in all the other costs...its not cheap to throw a good party no matter what it is for...your per person cost goes way beyond just the food. And I'm sure whoever threw a party...if they were doing all the hard work of planning/promoting/organizing...would want some kind of credit for it. No different than if you were behind an amazing attraction, you would want your name attached to your hard work.

    The free Transworld Party was also pretty fun with many of the same opportunities...but being free to was VERY crowded, and made networking/socializing difficult, but nice that Transworld does give back to those that make the show the success it is.

    I think my attendance at the tours will be dependent on how early they start...I really thought keeping the Wednesday event would have been a better if you are going for educational purposes you'd likely be there Wednesday for the seminars anyway. If you are a vendor you gotta be there Wednesday at latest for setup. Even when there were going to be two live action nights...people still had the option to do Darkness Saturday instead. Just a thought...and tickets havent went on sale yet. Maybe an easy way to solve it would be put up a forum poll to see what day people would be more likely to go? Unless Wednesday is out due to other obligations, I know Larry mentioned an install that someone wanted them to do during the same week of the show.

    I personally want to try to do it all, but its going to be tough to hit 2 different locations of Behind The Scenes and both parties.

    Those are my thoughts on this one.

    Mike "Pogo" Hach
    -Mike "Pogo" Hach


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      Good Points

      Guys, Gals this has nothing to do with my party and has nothing to do with Larry's tours. Bottom line is DA want's to see me and Larry go at it and he has seen a chance to start up somthing. Pit his Haunt Tour aginst My Party! He got off when me and Larry used to go at it. Dark here is a secret IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! WERE ALL SUPPORTING EACH OTHER.

      I am still the same person I was 4 or 5 years ago when I started coming here. I was haunting longggggggggggggggg before coming here and attended the shows way before. He can't stand the fact me and Larry both have grown and have came to respect each others thoughts, feelings and ideas and it's killing him. I don't always agree with Larry and he want always agree with me but what we did do is realize we both are doing something we love. Larry more so than me. My money comes from Christmas and a few other things I have my hands in but that part of my company pays for the Haunt stuff I have fun with. Larry has to deal with BS 24/7 and I have seen that. Again we may or may not agree but WE RESPECT EACH OTHER!

      Dark in going back in old post what are you proving? I said lots of things and did lots of things back then so I am human and I learned how to handle things better. Dark you have been asked many, many times and yet still refuse to say who you are and I want to know why? I know you can't be scared of me or anyone else here. Dark trust me you can be something if you try. You have to focus on that but you will not be able to undo the success of others by jealousy. If you want me and Larry to go at it find a topic we disagree with and even then were not going to fight were going to disagee. Shane and it's nice try DA! Shane

      Thanks Chris and I hope I taught you something about running a Haunt and Business. I might add Chris is 24, 25 how does that make him a kid? Keegan everyone thank's for the support but let's not feed ole DA doing business as Nothing.
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        I'm going to move on from this topic you're wrong on too many points in your thread not worth the effort.

        I will say this though, your math is poor. You started on these forums in 08, so it's not quite three years ago. It was much more recent when the death threats were freely flying. But, all is forgotten...

        I'm done....



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          I joined this Forum in the begining of 08 whats the point again? I been haunting for 15 years before coming to HauntWorld. If anything I owe Keith K a big Thank You if it were not for his actions I WOULD HAVE NEVER JOINED. IT'S MADE ME TONS OF FRIENDS AND IT'S CAUSED ME TO GROW! AGAIN I HAVE DID AND SAID THINGS THEN I AM NOT PROUD OF BUT DO AND WILL STAND BEHIND WHAT I HAVE SAID AND MY ACTIONS. Push me in a cornor and I will charge plain and simple! Ok but before you tuck ass and run please give us your name, and haunt so we know who you are. Shane and it's still proud of my actions! Shane this time.


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            Originally posted by Darkangel View Post

            Since you blew in as the forums biggest jerk, someone or something got to you and you've been on a mission to be on everyone's buddy list

            I remember that. For a while there Shane was so bad I had him on my blocked list. But now he seems like a genuinely good guy, even though we've never met. I don't think you can fake trying to be everyone's buddy. I just attributed what happened to something that he might have been going through at the time and have put it in the past. You should try to do the same. Being angry at others only hurts yourself, as I have learned over the years.



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              Come on guys this kind of who-spilled-acid-on-who kind of stuff makes baby kittens cry.

              Let's all just get along and let each other do our own things in peace and harmony, if we're always going around butt-hurt it only helps Darth Sidious win.


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                Some of you are getting way out of hand and treating this like the end of the world is at hand...

                I've said it a 100 times... do what you think is best for you. When people complained about the COST I said DON'T COME! I won't loose any sleep.

                You have to do what you think is best for you, you have to do what you think is best for your time and money. There is no hard feelings.

                I got all these people emailing me saying, they can't come in on Wed and then Jim and I sat down and discussed it. It will cost like an extra $3500 for actors and staff and how our entire show was ruined last year because of all the nights trying to open the haunt.

                We are WORN OUT... we just got hired to build like 5 attractions. Our time is now very very limited.

                The event is a TIMED TICKETING event so come to the early or late and then head over to the party or go to the party or whatever. Its really not that big of a deal... sounds like some don't put much value on our event and would rather party which is fine by me. Again no hard feelings do whatever you think is best.

                My event is NOT about showing off my latest wares as Jackprint said... I'm ONLY doing this to do what I always do try and educate and advance the haunted house industry.

                I see this as an opportunity to help peoples haunted houses, showing how we use products, building sets, and more. I think we've done that both years... now we are trying to push this thing again.

                When and if I can't find inspiration to do something no one has ever seen before then I'll stop doing it... I'm tired, my knees are hurting, and I have a headache.

                I'm not that young anymore and do not have the energy I use to have.

                I'm slowing down and all I can tell you is I can't do this much longer its too much work. I've already done so much to my haunted house I've already spent so much money its STUPID, and guess what I keep on spending more! I want to make your eyes pop out of your head, I want you to learn something, I want to inspire you to make your haunted houses better. This is why I'm doing it.

                I'm doing it this year like its the last time I ever do it.

                If you think its important for you to come and see what we've done we'll see you here...

                I will post HERE FIRST (when tickets go on sale) so you guys who want to come early can get the first hour of the event. You'll be done by 8pm plenty of time for you to get over to the party.

                I really don't see how its an issue.

                Larry Kirchner


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                  See what happens? These guys read this thread.

                  For the kids?? Smiles, chin up, carry on? good.


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                    LAST BUT NOT LEAST...

                    This thread is somewhat silly because I was opening The Darkness either way which would take more people out of the party than the behind the scenes tour... DUH!

                    The first night of the friday night darkness did over 600 people and the behind the scenes tour was capped at 350. EITHER WAY 'DUH' we are opening... and maybe you'll say oh yeah but you were opening the Darkness twice so we could pick one or the other.

                    If you are worried about the support for the party its better this way than the other because the behind the scenes does LESS PEOPLE, AND you can sign up for the 7pm event and be back at the party by 8pm or so!

                    THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE NOT WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!!

                    You are making a MOUNTAIN out of a MOLE HILL!


                    Again do what you think is BEST FOR YOU END OF STORY! But doing both is STILL NO DIFFERENT AND NOT TOUGHER but easier than before!

                    Larry Kirchner


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                      Larry, I totally agree with you! I started this thread because I knew people would have some concerns and I wanted to keep this out of your Darkness and Lemp Renovation thread. Totally incredible by the way!!! Can't wait to see everything that you have done. There will be plenty of time to enjoy both Behind The Scenes of the Darkness and the Lemp and the Insane Shane Party. Like Shane mentioned we will have wrist bands and you will be free to come and go all night! And as you, Larry, said the Behind the Scenes tour is timed ticketed. We promise to keep track of those who win the door prizes whether the winner is there or not. So go and enjoy all events that you can. This is a time and place to have fun, enjoy, learn and relax!!! That is the plan for me anyway!!! I'm excited and so looking forward to seeing everyone and having a blast !!!!



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                        I been screaming this all day! There is no reason you can't do both. I think where it took a turn is where DA thought he would get a pissing match going with me and you and it's CLEAR WERE ON THE SAME PAGE! I want to see everyone who what's to attend the Darkness BTST to go. Then come to my party, eat, drink, and take home a boat load of prizes. If when we call out a number no one speaks up then it's clear there at the Darkness and will return in time. NO BIG DEAL! Hell if I did not have all this money invested in the party I would come. Shane and it's do both folks make a fun evening of it all. TRANSWORLD IS ONCE A YEAR! Shane

                        Shawn LOL I remember that and your right when you feels they been raped your gonna show more emotion. But I learned from it and it's eating the stink out of DA azz that people have came to respect me for what I did not only for myself but others. Thanks Shawn
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                          Couple things... Thanks Sue! We are in total agreement.

                          This is NOT an issue... the amount of people who come to the behind the scenes tour is or will be 1/3rd the amount for the actually actor thing.

                          And if I post HERE FIRST everyone can jump on the 7pm tickets. It will take you about 30 minutes to do The Darkness if you walk quickly and about 5 minutes to drive down to Lemp, and will take even less time to do Lemp. Lemp is NOT a very long haunted house its only about 2/3 of Darkness.

                          Lemp is NOT nearly as cool as Darkness BUT the location is 5 million times better... people who see lemp are like WOW! The location is UNREAL!

                          You can do both in an hour no problem and Lemp or Darkness is about 5 minutes from Shanes party so its NOT a big deal.

                          Secondly, as far as rating someones haunted house let me say this...

                          I have customers who think our haunted house is the best thing since slice butter and the next thinks it sucks. I'll say this 1000 times you can NOT judge a haunted house based on a one time performance.

                          When did you go... start of the season yeah its not going to be as good. Did you come on a night when a whole bunch of people didn't show up for work... yeah its going to blow. Did you come on a night when its super busy at the end of the night when everyone is tired... blah, blah, blah.

                          You can go through right now and 10 minutes later something is back on track and rocks... haunted houses are LIVE PERFORMANCES meaning once performance can be better than the next.

                          I think EVERY haunt goes through ups and downs where your actors are doing good or bad or you just don't have enough... and everything between.

                          HAUNTS SHOULD BE JUDGED ONE the attraction itself meaning WITHOUT actors...

                          Does the haunt look the theme? Does the haunt have a theme? Sound, lighting, special effects, design, originality, and how about does it have great scare points... you can judge that without actors.

                          I will say this 2 million times... haunts should be judged strictly by the haunt itself. So you go through Shanes place and judge the haunt and you judge it against industry standards, not just yours or mine, or the one across the street.

                          Larry Kirchner


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                            I went to both events last year. In my opinion you can't put a price tag on either one. Both events were extremely valuable to me and I would be going to both again this year if I could get the time off work. I am seriously bumming I may not be able to make TW at all this year. If I do, it would only be for one day to run around and buy all the stuff I need. Since I started a new job and lost tons of vacation time, I need all I have left for running the haunt in October. I'm going to try like hell so we'll see what happens.

                            The ticket prices for each should not be an issue if you are serious about improving your business.

                            I will quickly mention just a few things I got out of each one.

                            Shane's party was the perfect event to start off Transworld. You could tell he poured his heart and soul into the event and it showed. Great attention to detail on every front, making sure each guest had the best experience possible. The networking I got to do with all the people there was worth it's weight in gold. You could still talk over the music. Plenty of 80's videos to go around, lol! The food was great, the costume contest was a blast and the prizes given away were awesome! Just talking to Ben, seeing his foam appliances up close and how he got into that costume was great and helped us learn techniques for our own costumes.

                            There is no doubt in my mind that Shane will kick it up a notch or two this year now that he has the first one under his belt.

                            The Darkness tour was very cool. Since I had been before I was looking forward to see how the attraction had changed. You could see how much work went into transforming most of the attraction from the year before. I know Larry and crew also poured everything they had into this and it was awesome! Aside from all the sets, effects and new 3D haunt I was really interested in seeing how well the timed ticketing worked. I was blown away at how different it was from the year before. We got right in with no line because of all the timed slots available. The next day we went straight to the Interactive Ticketing booth and signed up. We had the best season so far just because of the online timed ticketing approach. Something I would not be able to see in my area or in October.

                            If you went early you would be out of there in plenty of time to enjoy Shane's party. It will run very late I'm sure.

                            Have fun to all those that attend either one or hopefully both events.



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                              Are you serious? DA is WHAT? just an actor! Let me be the first to say without actors your show would be NOTHING! They bring the life and excitement to a show! They ARE THE SHOW! And here he was down playing them to be no bodies.

                              Now back to DA How dare you down play these people only to find out you are one too. Dude what's with you? I hope no one at the haunt you work for knows how you feel about them. I am not going on with this. Once again here is someone who just made himself to look like a complete nut! It's clear why the owner don't want people to know who he is. Shane and it's just sad! Shane


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                                Actor coordinator, not actor. And besides, what difference does it make regarding my name and haunt I worked at? Debate me over the points I make don't be concerned with my name and where I've worked thats irrelevant to why I'm here. Tons of people choose not to use their real name and for what it's worth I respect it. Many people on here don't even say where they are from in their profile, who cares? If I wanted you to know who I am then I'd say it, it's none of your business. My points are honest and valid although I have the tendency to push too hard so I apologize to all that have been offended by anything I have posted.

                                I was asked not to say where I worked and who I worked for, that tenure is over anyway and I am again planning my own event. I had some serious family issues the past few years that really held me back and was a money drain and it's been a real challenge to work through. But I'm starting to get back on track as well as my family and I'm excited about what lies ahead.