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    I got my order today from Haunt Tactics, you have seen Tim posting some pics of their products.
    First let me point out I did not buy the whole costume just the "Zombie King" mask and a pair of hands to go with it as I am making a stilt costume for this. Lets me say that communication was great, they answered my e-mails right away and was able to get them on the phone even faster. I placed this order on 12/29 and here it is at my house on 01/13, thats great turn around bar none. Once it was done I got a e-mail with a pic and a tracking number for UPS. The mask fits like a glove, is made very well and is highly detailed and with care will last for years to come. I was thinking that I would have to use black make up around my eyes but after putting the mask on I don't think that will need to be done. The hands fit very well (not to tight/ not to lose) they are very detailed, the best I've seen! The price is with out question VERY reasonable for what you are getting. You may have also seen Tim post about "One down 50 more to go" or something like that, a vendor that has a inventory now thats how it should be done. Tim I am very happy with my purchase and I can see that this will be a big hit at the trade show, I think a lot of haunts will have a zombie king running around this year. I'll post pics after I and my sister Terri make the stilt costume but that will not be untill after the trade show. Good luck Tim and thanks again.
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      WOW Fantastic!!!!!!!! Yes, ICE post this on How wonderful that people get what they paid for!!!! Way to go. This is the way it should be done!!!!!

      Haunt Tactics!!!!!


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        deeply deeply deeply moved by that fantastic review. we have alot to live up to now lol. all joking aside this is great. I/we try so hard to make the customer happy bc at the end of the day thats what is most important. it is my personal gaurentee that i WILL be here to answer all your questions day or night. once again ice thank you sooo much

        Tim,stan and rob
        Tim McCall


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          Can't wait to see your finished costume. Be sure to send us pictures. We are going to be starting a customer photo page sometime in the future on our site. Enjoy your mask.

          Haunt Tactics