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who wants unlimited free paint for their haunts?

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  • who wants unlimited free paint for their haunts?

    I knew that would get your attention. Yes its true free paint for your haunt no joke. I posted about this a few yrs ago and had a few people request this info again so here gos. We have painted all our attractions at Terrorplex for 5 yrs now using only completely free paint,spray paint, and even spray glues and foams. This saves us thousands of dollars $$$ each yr. All you must do is simply locate your city's environmental collection center and see if they have a free paint program if not suggest it. Here in Ft Worth and Dallas the city's collect thousands of Gallons of paint and household chemicals each week what ever isn't given away or used by the city is shipped off for incineration at the city's expense. They want you to claim it. you can save the city money and help keep hazardous chemicals out of the land fills while saving you money. We have gone in several times on a Sat after a collection drive and loaded a flat bed trailer full of pallets loaded with paint . I know I don't have to tell you how much money you can save by mixing your own 5 gals of browns,blacks and grays at $75 or more a bucket. Yes we do get a lot of black paint believe it or not. Every major US city by epa law has a similar collection system in effect. Now all you need to do is find your collection center and get familiar with your local programs. I suggest any haunter who reads this check this out it will save you $$$

    Patrick Matthews
    Vanhelsings Haunted house of Wax
    Terrorplex Ft Worth TX
    I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!

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    Great Idea.... I'll Check into this.....


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      Thanks for sharing this . Sounds like a possible great $$ saver.


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        I have recommended this to people in the past and they have had good success with it. The problem is that many cities only have 1-2 open collection days per year that the public is made aware of. Be sure to contact your local government offices for dates.


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          I tried it once and it wasn't so great. Tons of paint for sure, very little of what I could use and the place and the cans were a mess and it was hard to find a lot of the same color and tone.



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            A local painter did this

            For me. Lots of 1/2 galons, latex, indoor/outdoor, all colors. I finally had to tell him "No more!"
            I couldn't make use of much of it after awhile.
            Much-o cheaper than reaching for my checkbook!


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              We did something similar and contact all the local Sherwin Williams stores in the area. They actually have to pay to dipose of their mis-tints and paints they cant use and were glad to call us when they had stuff that they knew we can use.

              We made arrangements to hang a banner at the event for them if they let us know when they have mistint colors (that fit our needs) and spray paints. We once got a whole CASE - A WHOLE CASE! of spray adhesive! HUGE MONEY SAVER for us our first year. We even gave a whole trailer full of exterior paint so another local haunt could paint their new facade.
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              Erick James Gyrion
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              Menasha, Wisconsin



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                To those that say it doesn't work, well you have to think outside the box a little. I can't believe I said that, I hate cliche's.

                Of course they won't have "honey mountain green" in 5 gallons buckets every time you go in. You take what they have and you get creative in how you mix it. Sometimes you might have to buy one gallon of a bold color to mix with some others. But its free, what did you expect.

                We painted all our walls with free paint. Did they have all black, no, not hardly. But you take all the brown and grey they have, which is tons, mix it with some purchased black, and you get a really dark color usable for background painting.

                Its a great idea and works very well.


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                  Here in Ft Worth we have access to the facility 3 days a week Thur, Fri,Sat yr round. The very best time of the yr to go is usually the first few warm weeks in spring as everyones cleaning out the garage.Your free to take all the paint you want and they also have other usable stuff like craft paints, Testor paints, Crackle , Spray paint, Spay foam and adhesives. We also get unopened motor oil as well as chainsaw 2 cycle oil. I haven't bought chainsaw oil in yrs. FYI white is an awesome base and can be easily mixed in 5 gals and stored add a little white to green you got hosp green. We love this place and have referred several other area haunts to get the paint they need as well. I hope this works and c saves a few $$$ for haunters in this economy every little bit adds up . If It will save you from diving into a few dumpsters its worth
                  I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!


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                    Lemme throw this out there as well. A buddy of mine, whose wife works in returns at Lowes, told me about a program they do at the store. They get a lot of stuff returned from customers and/or delivered damaged. Anything that is considered Hazardous Material (paint, great stuff, caulking, etc.) cost them a ton to discard. Over time, they stock the stuff up in the back (returns department) on a pallet/skid. They have contacts with habitat for humanity, local churches etc. They call these places when they have a full pallet/skid and give it away. They want it gone from their store when they call. We got on the list (non-profit, teen volunteers, etc). Because we respond very quickly to the calls, Lowes will call me every 2-3 months with a full pallet/skid of tons of goodies. We've probably received over 100 gallons of paint over the last couple of years, cases of great stuff and spray paint with broken tips (you can still use them), weed killing chemicals, pool chemicals, etc. They even throw on discontinued items that they no longer sell and canít send back to the wholesaler like putty knives. Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff is junk, but most of the stuff is useable and/or able to be given to staff members for their use. All you need is a reason they want to give it to you (non-profit, portion of proceeds benefit something, etc), a truck and someone able to respond quickly to go get the stuff.
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                      One more use for the paint-its tissue paper mache! Its simply latex paint and tissue paper used to make a skin on props and even costumes and sets (makes great vomit).
                      Allen H


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                        good Idea Allan!!
                        I had some one ask me a while back if you can cast using old latex paint in plaster molds . I have not been brave enough to try it maybe one day I will just to see. I have also used old latex paint to seal cracks in the haunt roof just pour it on a hot day and you got a hard dry patch for FREE!!
                        I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!