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    Whos going? what do u think about the retailers (halloween) being there good or bad. Legends of the fog crew will be there wanting to talk to some of you about a few things that we had tried this year and ran into some small snags,,,,we are going in the direction of low voltage lighting and leds...the only thing is we are an outdoor event and ambient lighting can be difficult (moon light) so I'm looking for some feed back from you guys on

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    Rip saw sent you a pm.

    Also, the Halloween side was always together with the haunt side until the past couple years, so it's a return to how it always was which is great!



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      Rip, first time I ever attended was Las Vegas and it was a huge show.

      Retailers can be somewhat rude at times, but we have a Halloween store so they aren't so bad. But it will open up some options to haunters like they use to.

      It's my understanding after talking with Transworld today that we will have different color passes retailer/haunt show but you have the right to go in both places.

      I think it is a good thing that they are going to be back together.


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        I'm thrilled the shows are back together; I loved the old combined show back in Rosemont and I was sad to see the split. We have great ealtionships with numerous costume & accessories vendors and I'm thrilled to be able to see them back with the haunt show.
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          Rip- Im split in my opinion of the shows combining again. Part of me wants it to be a haunt only show because everything the past two years has been haunt focused and I loved it. I also did not miss all the "pirate hooker" and "Halloween hooker" costumes- they tend to make IQs drop in their vicinity.
          On the other hand I do like seeing other products and finding a way to adapt them to haunt use and the party side has plenty of opertunities for that. Also there are several mask vendors who havent done the haunt show who I miss. We still have the best haunt mask company (Zagone in my opinion for a variety of reasons), but the bigger show is more likely to get new vendors in (like rubber gorilla from the UK- killer stuff look them up).


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            I have only been to the one in Rosemont and with both shows being in the same place I agree with Allen in that it gives you lots more things to look at to incorporate with your haunt. At the same time while it was in Rosemont it was still split up pretty well too. I think being just a haunt show and being there from thursday till sunday you kinda run out of things to look at yes there are seminars to attend which take up time and are a very good source of information but its just nice to have the variety I think
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              This will be my 6th year going, my first year as a vendor. We are really excited! I can't wait to see everybody again and catch-up. I don't know my booth number just yet but I do know we are right next to Nightscream Studios and the darkzone! So be sure to come say hello!!! -Tyler
              Chris Riehl


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                Allen is Rubber Gorilla going this year? I have been trying to talk to this guy for years.
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                  Not that I know of, but since the shows are merged again its much more likely. He does great work and I have a few of his masks. I only mentioned him because he is the kind of vendor we can get access to with a bigger market share.
                  Allen H


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                    I'd love to see Rubber Gorilla masks in person, as a collector of high quality masks that's one company I haven't ordered from yet. A couple years back the dollar was way less than the British pound so the conversion was expensive for all their stuff.
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                      This will be my first year at TW. Looking forward to it...


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                        Hey Tyler,

                        You're vending now? Where can I learn details?



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                          Sent you a PM! -Tyler
                          Chris Riehl


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                            Well be there...

                            Cant wait...

                            Only sat and sunday...

                            Cant get away from work... Booo..

                            Are you able to buy/order 1 widget or will you have to order a case of them from these big vendors?

                            See ya there!

                            Peter T
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                              Peter - Many of the larger companies there will have a minium order between $100 and $700. A bit high but thats how they choose to do business.