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Who Has Started Their Haunts for 2011?

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  • Who Has Started Their Haunts for 2011?

    So thought I would see who's started their Haunts for 2011. I am laying out Disturbia to my group at a dinner meeting on the 22nd. I got workers coming in the second week of Feb. Am I starting to early? Shane and it's let me know? Shane this time!

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    We will officially be starting the same weekend Shane! We're taking the team to Gatlinburg and locking ourselves in a cabin. So, you're not alone!

    I've also been busy, with some others, with the launch of a new company that will be vending at Transworld! We've already got some BIG clients and will talk more on that later!

    Chris Riehl


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      Sounds good man! we will catch up on things at the party! Shane and it's see you there! Shane this time.


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        I have! But then again I'm open for May! Haha. So far we've already gained brand new MAJOR sponsors, who are really helping out beyond words can describe. (we have practically no budget and everyone, myself included is a volunteer, and all of the ticket sales go to the American Cancer Society). We got it down to an 1,800sqft attraction so far, established that were going with an old mansion-type theme. Currently working on a setup and schedule for actually setting everything up (we have about 12 hours) to get the job done. Animatronic placement and such....we work it to the second! A ton of hard work goes into this and it raises a LOT of money for the American Cancer Society.

        So...that's what we've done/need to do. But because it's me and this is my haunt, ofcourse I have to do a corny and totally not relevant to the thread begging for any haunt owners or haunt vendors out there that we're still looking for donations and have a tax id number and no donation is too small. Okay, I said my bit, sorry Shane!


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          Miner's Hill

          We broke ground on our second haunt, Miner's Hill, a few weeks ago. We've made alot of progress despite the snow and cold weather. We were going to wait to after Transworld, but after the holidays were over, we've got the fever to get started. Looking forward to the warm weather though.



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            Buddy don't be sorry thats GREAT! Heck let me look around I may have some stuff I can give you! Where are you located? Shane and it's I love to help people out! Shane this time!


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              Thanks! You are the greatest Shane, I really appreciate that! I will PM you with details.


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                Ok Man

                I had 2 old out of business haunts that brought stuff by my haunt this year and I have no need for it. Both times I came in to find boxes of stuff sitting at my back door at the haunt. Your more than welcome to it. Heck it's in crates I have no idea whats in them really but I can look! Shane and it's we will work it out! Shane this time!


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                  That would be absolutely great! I can't wait to see what you send on over.


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                    We are working to get our website done and up before June. All advertising has been inked and put into place. Having a photo shoot Jan 28th. Then starting to tear out the old and in with the new in Feb. Sounds like we have all been bit by the early bug this year.


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                      We have a theme/story-line created for this year, the poster is already designed, and I'm currently sculpting pieces for foam latex and silicone masks. Here is one I'm getting ready to mold....

                      I think I'm off to a good start.
                      Louis Brown
                      Owner, operator, and dish washer
                      DarkWood Manor


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                        Started in Oct 31

                        I took my key people out after closing on Halloween to say thanks for a great 2010 and they started planning for 2011 that night. I have met with them a month ago again and have had several meetings with my director. We have the years event planned out and schedule of workdays committed.

                        We will be on the MWH tour so our goal is to be done by May 1, abot 30 days ahead of the tour. THen we will continue to add detail everywhere until fall. We are starting a major relighting to minispotlights and similar lights this week.

                        Let the ideas flow !
                        Brett Molitor (aka ~ JamBam) Member of HAA

                        Haunted Hotel-13th Floor (est by Huntington Jaycees in 1968 8) )
                        Longest running Haunted House in the WORLD!!

                        Hysterium Haunted Asylum (old Haunted Cave), Fort Wayne Indiana

                        Hysterium Escapes - 4 rooms with 3 themes









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                          Becki Gooch, our Fright Team Manager/Cast Director, and I have been soliciting ideas from the team. Weather permitting, we'll be holding our first brainstorming meeting on the 15th of this month.

                          I put together a Vision Board, which includes inspiration pictures and ideas and concepts that we as a team developed throughout last season. The Vision Board will be displayed at the brainstorming meeting for inspiration.

                          I've been developing a 2011 Marketing Plan, which includes a number of suggestions we've received and new ideas we've developed, many are grass-roots ideas specific to the area and area businesses.

                          I've already sent out our first Grave News Newsletter announcing many of the new and exciting forms of entertainment we plan to provide, and soliciting talent to participate.

                          I've already begun working on sponsorship packets and research to tailor the individual proposals and to solicit new sponsors.

                          We've begun looking at the blueprints for both attraction and working on options for modifying the layout. This year we want to really change up as much as possible and we're going to be doing a great deal with good old-fashioned sweat equity!

                          On a side note, I'm also in the process of reviving my resume writing business; I just finished writing a new book (non haunt related), I'm putting together my consultation services info, which will be added to my Haunt Book website, and I'm planning to finally get back to work on the Fright Team Training DVD. The great thing is I love every bit of it!!!

                          Kelly Allen
                          Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction


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                            Louis, very nice work!! I guess I can't say that I have started because I have never actually stopped! LOL! Finishing up an organ scene, it's looking pretty good. Working on 3 toe pincher caskets. All the walls and doorways and hallways are up. I have made one masterbed bed and now working on the nanny's bed. I will have a crew coming out right after TransWorld to help. This will be year 3!! Made hundreds of minispots so so lighting should be fun. Hopefully I can have some pics soon!....

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                              Normally we would have been well started on our haunt getting it ready for Transworld but we decided not to do the Columbia haunt tour this year and instead go on a cruise and enjoy ourselves this year.

                              It was a nice break. Now its back to business.
                              We have already had two meetings and its looking like we are doing some major renovating again this year.
                              We will start tearing out next weekend for the 2011 season.
                              Everyone have a great build up and an awesome season!
                              Greg Allen