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    :lol: We will take that suggestion under consideration Tim! And that was Larry's censoring program at work.

    I would also like to clarify the Midwest Fantasy Show that we are also running. While this show is running concurrently with MHC and shares the tradeshow, it is its own event. The MFS is NOT taking anything away from MHC in terms of class offerings or social events. It is actually adding more options for our attendees. During the weekend we will have 30 classes on the haunt side and 15 on the fantasy side. All of the great social events are still occuring along with some other exciting events including a face painting jam and body painting fashion show. So rest assured, MHC will be bigger and better than ever this year!


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      I like the "Hello my children" part. It says it was a special female. It's kind of like Ernest saying "You-know-what-I-mean?" !


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        I agree with Larry, I think HauntX was a little confusing to everyone, haunters and horror fans.

        I got a reasonable airfare, and flew out for the day to see Haunt X this year. I attended two seminars, in each the presenter asked who in the room ran a professional haunt and who were home haunters. In each case I was one of two to three who ran a professional haunt. So not a big attendance from this demographic.

        As far as the horror fans, they must not have gotten it, since I attended a Q&A with Georger Romero where there were 13 people in the room. Now I don't attend alot of horror cons, however, a good friend of mine has been pretty involved with them. He told me the last show that he attended with George Romero the line was tremendous just to pay for an autograph. So definitely not a big attendance from this demographic.

        I figure that he must have added the horror celebrity aspect, since he was in LA, obviously travel expenses would be next to nill to bring them in.

        I have to add the Q&A with George Romero was very interesting. Also, you could tell that a couple of the people in the room were aspiring writer/directors and they were thrilled to have this opportunity.

        Chris Stafford
        1331 Entertainment Group
        Denver Haunted Houses - The Asylum & 13th Floor Haunted House
        13th Floor Haunted House - San Antonio, Texas
        13th Floor Haunted House - Phoenix, Arizona


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          Jeez, this Haunt X sounds like Fangoria weekends.

          Which was pathetic!!! Fangoria was, haven't been to a Haunt X.

          What i meen by this is Fangoria with a haunt feel to it to draw two types of crowds, i can see the haunt people not wanting to stick around the typical geeky horror feind. (which i am one but would sill never dress the way some of the fans did in Chicago)
          Had i been one of the celebs signing autographs, i would have had security standing next to me the whole time, these folks were just plain creepy.


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            Kevin, did I set next to you in a shuttle at one point during the weekend?
            Thanks, Jeff



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              Fangorias get WAY more crowded. Haunt X this year was a ghost town, aybe 400 total attendancve? Last Fangoria we had a booth, thousands. Jam packed concert venue type thing.
              The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.