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TransWorld 2008 Tradeshow Now is the Time...

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  • TransWorld 2008 Tradeshow Now is the Time...

    Greeting to all Haunter's
    It is really wonderful all the private emails and phone calls we have received in support of the Haunter's Pavilion events and demo's this year. It is very important that all haunter's email TransWorld an email as to how they feel about these and other events. TransWorld is in the middle of discussions for the 2008 Tradeshow. As I have continued to state, this is when attendees of Transworld need to speak up about what they want to see and do at a National Tradeshow. TransWorld is willing to listen (bearing in mind that THIS IS A BUSINESS) but if you do not email them about your thoughts and ideas then you have no one to blame but yourself.
    Please cc me as well when you email TWE so that I also can be informed. Pass this information along to all other haunters ASAP as timing is very critical!
    Thanks for a very successful season and a huge "THANKS" to all who participated. We are also working hard to complete the new DVD of the
    E-Xtreme Networking tapes and booklet for owners and operators of Haunted events which should be out by the end of March. We are continuing to take orders by calling 419 332 7380.

    Your Humble Haunter - Crazy Bob Turner - Director of the Haunter's Pavilion for TransWorld 2006 & 2007
    Owner of the Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park in Fremont, Ohio -
    19 years and still going strong!