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Flame resistant resin-worth discussion

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  • Flame resistant resin-worth discussion
    I got a heads up email from smooth-on about this. Could be a great foam coat. I havent used it yet but i thought Id share.

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    Smooth on makes great products, and their tech service department is top notch! They helped walk me through everything from costing, estimating, to step by step how to get the job I wanted done from start to finish.

    While about 7 years ago I know most of their resins and such did not work so well for vertical application, they have made a lot of improvements and products since then that can thicken most of their materials or some that can even be used out of box for something such as foam coating on a vertical surface.

    I'd almost like to say I had a part in some of their product changes as we were building an 18 foot tall clown facade by pouring foam into a makeshift general shape mold, then carving it from there and coating. I had several long discussions with a local Smooth On distributor as well as their techs at main headquarters about how at the time none of their products would have worked well for such an application to coat foam on a vertical surface and be cool it would be if they had something like this that would be sprayable too. We ended up finding a decent but expensive 2 part resin I believe it was UreShell from Demand Products that we ended up using and it has for the most part held up really well to this day used in outdoor conditions for the haunt season of a modular attraction. A couple chips or cracks here and there...but coating pretty thin brushed on it here worked great. No major problems with it (knock on wood)

    Well low and behold, 2 years later the Smooth On Spray system came out and they now have several products that can be used both with or without the spray system for vertical coating. It would have been 300 times easier and probably cheaper if we had those options in the beginning. We could have made a general wireframe, sprayed the foam on, then carved it from there and spray coated it. Would have taken half the time and materials. I think we used 2 full 5 gallon kits of their highest expansion volume rigid foam at the time, and that was even building a void into it. But it was definitely great to see the new products come out. Look forward to getting the chance to do a similar project and play with some of their newer stuff.

    Mike "Pogo" Hach
    -Mike "Pogo" Hach


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      That email caught my attention as well...if you end up playing with it, let me know how it goes Allen!
      Dan Faupel


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        I will, I already ordered some.


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          Looks great Allen. Thanks!!