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    I'm baaaaacccccckkkkkk

    It's been 2 1/2 weeks since my surgery and I'm starting to get my energy back. Still not sleeping very well, but my doctor said that will improve as they cut back on my meds. The heart valve repair was successful. Still can't drive for 6 more weeks, but then I'll enter heart rehab and really start building my strength.

    I greatly appreciate all the support on this forum and facebook posts. I will be at Transworld. MHC will have a booth, please stop by and say "Hi".

    My next task for MHC is to finalize our Friday night bus tour and party. I hope to work a couple hours a day on my pc and make phone calls.

    One of my best memories is waking up after surgery in the ICU and realizing I was alive! I've been given a second chance at life and I intend to appreciate every day.

    Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers!

    Kelly Collins
    aka RIP the Radical Clown
    aka Spike


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      Kelly, it's so great to hear your positive report! Glad you are on the mend and already embracing a new lease on life. Don't push yourself too hard and take it as easy as you can. We continue to send you healing thoughts, energy and prayers my friend and we look forward to seeing you at TW. Hugs to you and Neena!

      Kelly Allen
      Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction


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        I'm back

        Thanks Kelly. My progress is slow, but I am progressing. I'm hoping to start looking for a new building for our haunt soon. We had to move out last November as a full time tenant was moving into the shopping center space.

        I saw an earlier post that you are selling your haunt. I wish you the best in your new path. I too think 2011 will be a fantastic season for haunts. Selling our haunt was discussed when this heart issue came up, but now I'm pretty confident my health will improve so we can continue.

        See you at TW and at MHC this year,

        Kelly Collins