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Giving away Free Tickets to your haunt???

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I feel like we do a quality show. If you have ever run a haunt you'll know what I mean when I say that I am proud of the show we created, but in my mind I can see it being so much better. Each year we plan to challenge ourselves to create greater depths of realism, more exciting scares, and better memories for our customers to cherish. But doing so takes more than heart and hard work... it also takes cold hard cash. Until the number of patrons through the door exceeds what we need to create the best show possible this HAS to be a large part of the focus of our efforts. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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      always give tickets, here is why

      I agree with Boni and Kelly Allen for all the reasons they say. Don't forget sponsors when doing a media/Vip night or opening weekend stuff. We also give a bunch of tickets to our local Pepsi distributor for both their employees and the store managers that they put our coupons into.

      The return of free radio give away tickets has been around 20 % for as long as we have been tracking them (1998). The return of our sponsor tickets, radio live promos, and such has been around 45 % the five years we have been doing that, too. In Kelly's example of radio ad trades. If you buy $ 200 and trade $ 200 for $ 400 in radio ads, the return rate could be valued at $ 240-300 with a ten dollar ticket price depending on how they are given away. But then take into account Badger's idea of free tickets attracking more customers and it will make even more sense. Some will argue that free tickets give away money, but many of those proabably would ever darken you door in the first place.

      While each haunt has a different policy, ours has helped us continue to grow attendance consistently.
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        I used the bogo early in the season on slow nights and on Sundays. This can help to drive a few heads to your door
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