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Dr. Who, Blink, USPS Clown Commercial

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  • Dr. Who, Blink, USPS Clown Commercial

    The recent USPC Clown commercial is awesome in my opinion.

    Along those same lines, if you saw the episode "Blink" (I think) on Dr. Who where the statues move when you aren't looking, then you will know how the two are connected.

    I found that Dr. Who episode very creepy and I want to duplicate that in my haunt.

    Any thoughts?

    For those that didn't see it, it starts with seeing this nice angel statue in the courtyard. The actors turn away and when they look back, its near the door, or in the window with an angry face, all of this unnoticed for most of the episode by the actors.

    Eventually the statue moves inside, and then 3 more come in, so on and so on.

    I want to dublicate seeing an inannimate statue off in the distance and then you turn the corner and its in your face, but not moving.

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    I love that episode of Doctor Who. Me and some of my cast are major fans of the show. If you look around our make-up room and other places in DarkWood you will find the words "Bad Wolf" all over. lol
    I found this link somewhere. WEEPING ANGEL COSTUME. It is pretty dead on as far as getting the look of the angels from the show right.
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