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    I am not really a haunter -- just yet. Instead of doing haunted attractions, for 5 years now I have been doing 4-day gaming events at large gaming conventions. My biggest show is at Gen Con in Indianapolis every August. There we build a 20,000 square ft. "dungeon" in a swanky ballroom over two back-breaking days, and then we run 3,000 people through it over the next 3 days. my event, called "True Dungeon" is a live action version of Dungeons and Dragons, and I have even managed to get Hasbro (owners of D&D) to sponsor the event. It is kind of a medium-sized deal in certain gamer geek circles.

    Anyway, I was wondering if there are any haunters out there who would like to generate a little more revenue off of some of their costumes, props and set pieces by renting them to me for a week or so in August. I am very interested in renting a crypt or mausoleum facade for the entrance to the "dungeon" -- as well as any props or set pieces that might fit that theme. I could use stuff like creepy statues, pillars and sarcophagi. I have all the walls I need. The pieces need to be free standing as I cannot attach anything to the wall system.

    Also, I would love to rent some large walk-around costumes with a crypt feel to them -- like the Wraith from Gore Galore.

    If you have anything that you could rent me for a few weeks, please let me know. I would appreciate the help, and hopefully your stuff will earn you some more cash. I live in Southern Illinois and the event is in Indianapolis, so if your location is near these spots it would be a plus.

    Jeff Martin

    True Adventures, Ltd.

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    You might want to look up B&B Productions out of Springfield, Ohio. That is exactly what they do. Don't have a contact number handy right now though.


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      You may also want to contact WizKids and ask them who they sold the Masoleum to that we made for them last year. Perhaps they will rent it to you. it is all designed to be taken down and transported.

      Good luck.
      Steve Martini
      Screamline Studios