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  • Disney Haunted Mansion Movie

    Anybody catch this?

    Depending upon the quality, storyline, star attachment and release date, this could be very beneficial!!
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    Well from what I read it comes out Summer 2012. Del Toro is writing it & producing it. So I know it will be good! Should blow the last one out of the water. Plus its suppose to be 3D. So lets hope its actual 3D and not like Clash of the Titans or something.
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      Speaking of which... I'm here in Florida and went to the mansion today. I will post a bunch of pictures next week. DID ANYONE KNOW it was totally redone... its way better now all new scenes, effects and more.

      Larry Kirchner


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        I think the ride and the movies are just to childish. I think they are more the type of thing that might turn a kid on to scary things and even haunted houses but they are really light and not scary for adults.

        The ride was changed a couple years back but it was much of the same, dancing and singing ghosts that typical Dusney stuff not trying to scare anyone.

        One of the parks should really do a haunted house the right way and for adults!!



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          I was there last week and there are some new things, but mostly the same.

          I was disappointed that they didn't have the grave stones anymore, that was always one of my favorite parts, made the wait a little more manageble.

          They did use more pop ups than I remember, but timing was off and didn't really "get ya"


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            I had heard it was getting an overdue facelift. But still liked it the way it was. Looking forward to the new pics.
            Damon Carson