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Clown Mask I made

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  • Clown Mask I made

    This was my first latex mask so it's a little rough. I did a half mask, but i wanted to have my own hair show so i only went to the hairline. One thing i didn't take into consideration is the amount latex shrinks when its completely cured, so I will be re-sculpting this one to make it fit larger faces. right now its more of a kids/teen size mask. it fits on the cfx foam head perfectly so its pretty small. I have a couple more masks im going to finish then im going to re-sculpt it. but heres a few pictures

    The very basic paint scheme i did on it

    Yes i know both sides arent exactly even. i did it on purpose. jsut playing around with paint scemes when i did this one.

    My personal favorite of this mask. The burned clown. The colors aren't seen in full because all these pictures were taken on my phone. looks a little pinkish but its really white.

    and the burned side


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    and the first paint scheme i did on it. I know its a lot of pictures.


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      and all three together. my elder mask slipped into the pic too.


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        and input is greatly appreciated for when i do a re-sculpt!