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  • OMG Can You Believe This?

    We never get snow in the South and to see a white Christmas in Alabama is about the same odds as winning the lotto!!! We were surprised to wake up and see this hope you guys enjoy!!! Shane and yes that's one of my deer! Shane this time!
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    Nice, looks like your having a white Christmas! Keep warm and have a Marry Christmas Shane.
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      It's a FESTIVUS miracle. We are here in Colorado and didn't get a white Christmas this year. But we have both kids home and everyone is doing well. We are blessed. Merry Christmas to all and all the best in the New Year
      Mike Bizub

      Ghouls Gulch


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        Wow, last year Shreveport got some snow too. An just so you know you can keep it.
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          Yea it's about fifty here in Colorado right now. We haven't gotten more than a few dustrings yet this year, last year it came early, this year really late!
          *Sigh*I can't wait til' October