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haunted house volunteer was sex offender

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  • haunted house volunteer was sex offender

    If you don't check your people, you should.

    Bad thing to have for all around. The Chino Valley haunt in the article I am posting the link for had a similar experience to our haunt. They got publicity out of it though.

    This year, we instituted a volunteer handbook with a sheet the volunteers signed and it included a statement that we did background checks. One night late in the season, two young men showed up. After the manpower person checked with the director, they signed the form, and were put into the cast. We usually do not accept help the same night, but only after doing the checks and going over the policies with acting tips, too.

    One young lady helping us tipped us off to one of the guys history so we had the deputy doing security at the door do a criminal history check. One guy was required to register the S.O. segistry and the other we found out had a criminal history as well. A local city police officer that I know stopped by to let me know he heard we had one of these guys helping. Nice to be in a small town once in a while.

    We had these guys pulled right away and I told them we had checked their histories, and our policy forbid them to help us. I also mentioned to the one young man that he should check the S.O. rules to keep him out of trouble in the future. They were sent away out the back door quietly without incident. I let them keep their custom water bottles and they understood, leaving without being upset. Too bad. These guys did a good job according to our qaudrant captains. And I checked as to what role the S.O. had done and it was with others in the area assuring me that nothing possibly could have been done to affect anything.
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    Criminal Backround checks

    Can take quite a bit of time in Illinois.
    If someone commited a crime and they used part of your applicant's name= problem
    If they used an alias that is similair to the name being checked=problem.
    "Problem"= a week or more delay and an extra charge of another $16.oo
    Sound like we are having fun yet?
    Add to this that the state shut down their system a couple of times for ...? what reason?
    Just a few days or maybe a week at a problem, unless you happen to need that helper sooner rather than next November.
    Of course we have to get these each year.
    If you have murdered someone, been arrested for frequenting a prostitute, or are a convicted sex offender, these are the things they are seeking that would keep you out, almost any other smaller crime doesn't count towards this.
    I am not sure if the law says these people can't be hired or if it just throws the responsibilty onto the owner who might hire someone with these items in their past?
    Either way I'm pretty sure 99% of the owners would not hire them anyway and risk it.
    I guess charity haunts in this state don't need backround checks????
    But I know some charity haunts that do it anyway.


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      I have a suggestion for EVERYONE... don't know who does your payroll but contact ADP because they now offer workers comp, and the obvious of doing all the taxes, mailing out the w2's but now they have a new service for only $10.00 per month they will do background checks on ALL employees unlimted!!!!

      Its worth every single penny... you do nothing but turn in the stuff you turn in to get payroll done on a potential employee and they do the background check ... I heard people pay like 20 to 50 bucks per person and now you get this for only $10 per month for all your folks working for you.

      Larry Kirchner