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  • Scare Products Catalog????

    I was wondering if anyone out there had purchesed either of these products???
    2nd) Emer. Safety system
    3rd) There lighting systems

    I was hoping maybe someone out there could tell me is it worth the $$$ on both these products???any feedback would be great! We were thinking of using the big top terrors as an add on to our new attraction? and as for the safety system I was wondering if it was worth the money?

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    Funny I would have thought someone out here has seen these or even has these products...


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      I wish I could give you some advice, however they are a tad pricey. From what I've heard, they are really high quality, but big top terrors is nice, just make sure you take into consideration you still build the walls to host everything on your own, other than the curtain chaos walls. The emergency safety system can be recreated for less $$ but will require more work, and check with your local codes before committing to something because you may not even need it.


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        At Transworld they had the Big Top Terrors & Buried Alive set up. Both were really cool "add-on" walk-thru haunts. In terms of worth the money, I'd say yes they're definitely worth the money but can you do it yourself for way less? Yes. I guess "worth the money" is relative. If you have the money but don't want to deal with the creative, do-it-yourself aspect, I'd definitely say buy it.
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          Cool thankz for the feed back....I am sure we could do a few of these things our selfs but I was trying to cut some time because we have so many projects on the go! I love the curtain chaos walls but wasn't sure how we could make this? I don't think we are going to buy the Big Top Terrors because we can build most of the stuff involved, however I am interested in the safety system because one we need it for code and 2 I don't have the time to figure it all out and think it would be just faster...I am also very interested in there lighting systems and 12v conversion kits...they would be a great fit in our new attraction and good for easy set up... I am not buying many of the lights only a few so I can see how there built then we will build our own LEDs to add in.

          I like there stuff but it's always nice to hear from others out there because I am up here in Canada and we don't have to many Haunt shows and we can't always get to the big show to see what out there. I have been so busy with creating our NEW portable attraction and trying to have it ready for 2011 Canadain Haunters Con. in May. I am bringing somthing new to the industry well somthing different we don't have much competion in this fild but I belive our product will be much more unique and adapable to our industry. I can't let to much info out for now but belive me there will be many details to come in the new year...


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            Sounds like you have a great plan! Best of luck to you and be sure to update us about your new portable haunt set up after your show! Innovation is always great to hear about!