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"My Son was scared by your answering machine!"

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  • "My Son was scared by your answering machine!"

    "That is why I am talking to you. He has really wanted to see your house for years and he's bringing a group of friends with him."
    "Is it a special occassion? A Birthday party or something?"
    "Yes it is special, it's his bachelor party."
    ("Brave" enough to get married, have a big wedding, but afraid of my voice doing a silly message on a machine......?)
    Ain't that sumpthin?
    They had fun tonight, showed up in a rented bus which eliminates waiting for the lost part of a car-a-van.
    At least 8 inches of snow landed here yesterday but a year ago we had winter business too!
    The only good thing about 8 inches of snow? I own a JEEP! Tall tires roll right over it all.
    I don't waste time shoveling a driveway anymore! Pack it down, let it melt..eventually, next spring. Who cares?

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    My Daughter was scared by your billboard

    Some names and other things have been changed to make this postable. When I first read this, I wasn't sure what to think

    If you want to know what REAL terror is imagine this scenario. You wake at 2:00 a.m. to a blood-curdling scream. As you hurriedly fumble bleary-eyed down the dark hallway you can't imagine what kind of carnage awaits you. Following the panicked cries into the bathroom you open the door and see your beautiful, sweet, blonde-haired, 8-year old daughter huddled in the corner under the sink. Confusion sets in as you survey the scene. There is no blood, no other person around, you can't imagine what has stricken such horror in a normally unshakable child.

    You reach for her and feel that her favorite pajamas with the pink hearts and bunnies are soaked with sweat. When you pull her close to comfort her you can hear her heart pounding as if it will jump straight out of her precious little chest. When she finally realizes that you are her mommy and not a monster, she is able to tell you what happened.

    She tells you that when she got up to use the bathroom she remembered the sign we saw on the way home from school today with the monster on it. It is then that you remember seeing a billboard advertising 'LEGENDS OF THE FOG."

    You certainly have the right to advertise and to promote your business. However I kindly request that you consider what you are placing in the public view when you create public advertisements. Our family does not wish to be subjected to those kinds of sights. I know many families who are in agreement with us. If taking the billboard down now is a possibility that would be a great relief for us. If not, please, in the future, think about the impact of your advertisements on the innocent children who see it.
    Patrick Barberry


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      I don't know about that one it sounded very fake and scripted, the writer went out of their way to set up the sweet and vulnerable little girl angle. Maybe this was from a friend or family member?

      On the slight chance it's real, I'd pay them no mind it's Halloween it's supposed to be scary, but I think it's not real and if anything it was someone who is anti-Halloween and created this story to make you feel guilty...



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        So many different things...

        Can "Scare" somebody....???
        When I was a kid I would seem to dream about something two days after I had either merely thought about something or discussed it with my friends. My scary dreams only manifested itself when I was sick with a fever.
        One night everyone was woke up by my sister screaming over and over:"I can't breathe! I can't breathe!"
        I was the first one to get to her and I said, Jena! If you couldn't breathe, you couldn't have been repeating :"I can't breathe", over and over again!
        She woke up with a stuffy nose.
        As children go through life many lesons are needed to educate them as to what things await them in this world. Put them in an educational-proof bubble and you do them an injustice and will make life difficult for them later. Learning to cope is what tends to make us ready to be adults instead of taller, heavy "Children".
        Oh, well?


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          I hear you. Years ago, I woke up during the middle of the night to the smell of smoke and found that my brother's fan that he had just acquired from my grandmother's estate was on fire. I unplugged it and waited for the flames to go out but didn't wake anyone. I told everyone about it the next morning, but they never bothered to thank me. I felt like I saved his life and possibly all of our lives, particularly since our bedrooms were upstairs. Oh, well.

          So on another note, how old was this guy who was scared by your answering machine? And do you have any other answering machine stories?
          According to everybody else, I'm the master of this domain: While trying to shorten Dungeonmaster, something went horribly wrong.