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  • I Make Mistakes..

    Last night the wind was bitter & damp, My doorbell rang, I opened the ticket window to see three people dressed for this weather, a dignified looking man maybe 60, a youngman maybe 20 and a young woman.
    The older man got my attention right away because he was wearing a grey furry hat that as you looked upward became a wolf head with an open mouth full of fangs (latex& painted realisticaly) The yonger man was wearing a long coat and a winter headgear with furr & flaps, the young woman was wearing a winter coat, gloves and a head-covering garment that protected her entire face except for her eyes.
    As I came out to get them in the house I scared the girl, she jumped back and made a noise, I joked "Imagine that, only the "terrorist" got scared!"
    The guys both laughed, we went in.
    Every little thing I said or did would usually ellict some fearfull noises from the young woman as she snuggled towards the young man.
    After awhile I began promising and explaining what I was nOT going to be doing, not scaring her drastically, ex reassurrences ...they didn't change much.
    I kidded her that I once had an ex-girlfriend come through wearing a mask, but I knew who she was anyway... Then I asked her if she might be my ex-wife? she never said anything but kept making some scared noises.??
    I did make her laugh a few times with my routines but she was still very nervous and made some cries as if she was afraid in severe ways most of us will never know.
    By the conclusion of the house tour they had had fun but I never saw her face or even her hands, I heard her speak finally... I am now fairly sure she was from the Arabic world...yes, and I joked about "Only the terrorist was afraid".
    I'll say it again:"All humor is risk, you risk not being funny or you risk offending someone." Not that I ever try to do that (to anyone that's sober, anyway)

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    Strange story! Only at the Ravens Grin inn. What about the guys wolf hat did you talk to him about that? Or you just saying it looked like that?
    Damon Carson


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      His Wolf Hat

      Was a clever item, I would sure guess that possibly somebody in the haunt business knows about it or even manufactured it.
      The man also has a huge collection of motion switched toys which had to be shut off on their way here because they were scaring the girl in his van.