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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm editing this post. This is not the original posting. I am sorry for hoping for people to get along and be professional about business matters. I was wrong to look for respect, so I'm removing all content from the original thread posting. Atleast 26 of you got to see it, and only 2 of you thought I was out of my mind lol, so that's a plus. Have a great future 2011 season everyone!
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    So what you're saying here is that people should shut up and not complain about vendors on here where they were screwed to the tune of thousands of dollars most often, because there are kids on here that decorate their yards and they shouldn't see it?

    So then should pro haunters go where those same kids should be anyway, home haunter forums, and post our issues and write things you guys don't want to see?

    This forum has some home haunters yes, but most either own, manage, or plan to turn pro and around here pro issues are discussed. Rarely do any threads posted target the plight of actors or home haunters but sometimes it does.

    You have never owned a haunt nor have you put your name and reputation and every penny to your name or in debt even putting it all on the line so you have absolutely no right and platform to tell people here what they should or shouldn't be doing.

    We know everyone can read these and we know it doesn't always make us look good, but that's what we do and despite what you read we all for the most part get along and we enjoy each others company. What you read one day could quickly change a month later.

    I'm sure at least some of you'd agree, we're fine just how we are around here!

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      This forum has some home haunters yes, but most either own, manage, or plan to turn pro and around here pro issues are discussed. Rarely do any threads posted target the plight if actors or home haunters but sometimes it does.
      Well Said.
      And Scream? When you end up losing over 5 grand to someone, be SURE to let us know. THEN you can sit back, and not say anything like you suggested we all do, while you don't get your product.


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        You guys missed the point completely. I have nothing to put on the line, I don't have a reputation and I certainly don't have much money.

        You took the message the wrong way, you don't see how much damage you're causing to yourselves by posting bad things about eachother, I would be pissed to hell and back if I was screwed out of 5 grand, that's not the point, the point is that you should take professional legal action without making a huge public parade about how much you've been screwed. Why on earth would ANYONE not just haunters be okay with dishing out 5 grand and taking months to receive product if they get it at all? I know higher end props like animatronics take 2-3 weeks to manufacture according to distributers websites, but after that mark talk to an attorney and fix the problem, bashing people on either sides of the fence is frowned upon on here, so why do it? Take the mature route in handling the situation. That's what I'm saying. You're defaming both yourself and the vendor by spazzing on here.


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          As long ans the material is relevant I agree with posting about personal dealings good or bad especially if the other party is crooked. The the rest of the industry needs to be warned. Its your personal responsibility to protect the others in your community any time you can. If you had a child molester living across the st would you tell everyone? sure you would even if hes reformed and hasn't done a thing its a threat. The community must be warned so decisions may be made
          I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!


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            And saying my attorney will be contacting you is something from the movies. Very few people have ever paid $375 per hour to get some form of recourse in any situation. It may only cost $20 or $40 to file a suit but to follow it up, you just signed an agreement for $6500. Any thing less than that might as well be handled directly.

            That's where scary people come in. And never start a sentence with and. And this IS a den of scary people handling things.

            Some of these vendors are not scary people seeing some magic money giving people products and envisioning stacls of cash to be had at the end of the season in November. In reality people go broke because they do pay all their obligations instead of some pay yourself first to become a millionare scenario.

            On the other hand, this year I was watching the prescence of a few web sites and there was the haunt site and then the next dozen or so references on the google ranking were posts on a web site bitching about some petty situation. Using the internet might not be the smartest way of voicing these gripes at all and having the appearence of having some kind of control problems or business bitches. That certainly takes away from you venue being all about entertainment. It looks stupid.

            Some of these vendors not really of this industry pretty much spammed the haunt industry trying to make a sale. Sounds kind of desperate to me. Then also this product will just be there for you assuming the customer can pay for it or is actually the one in control of the check book. Or the haunter ordered something assuming that it could be made for them and the vendor had not yet gone through what it really took to have a production line or pay those production people or keep a certain level of productivity that would also pay for a space to be productive in.

            In any business there are losses, mistakes, theft, shoplifting costs etc. or people not being satisfied customers and withholding the last check. Or there are slow payers that think that just because they are pretending to be acompany they can pay in 30 or 90 days. Losses on a real business tend to be a full 12% and if you are dog better than that you are doing your job to the highest quality you can.

            All amazing deals offered in a very speculative market. The wonderment of being able to sell things all over the country and not be able to just drive up the street and ask people for money.

            If any of the people involved in many of this years complaints had any money there would be million dollar defamation of character and reputation lawsuits that would be granted. Instead people are defaming themselves by responding to assholes on the internet at all.

            There is nothing wrong with having a ranking system somewhere like you might not want to by something from a vendor on ebay that has a low satisfaction score and it is that vendors problem to do something about all those issues. But, be warned everything you put on the internet is somehow tied to your name, your standing as a professional or not and it doesn't just go away by deleting a post or editing something if someone wants to dig.

            Going into collections is also a pretty stupid term, that means they are going to sell some bill for pennies on the dollar to a collection company that will threaten to ruin you credit that can simply be stopped by telling them to stop harrassing you. Typically a collection company isn't going to buy something that has already been qualified as being a dead beat. Again a lame threat.

            There are other ways to collect things that do not involve attorneys, collection agencies or using the internet to defame someone. This is where not being stupid about business may have it's greatest education. Rule number one, what ever you offer has to be worth what ever you are charging and then you are in the right to collect, so much easier. Rule two, who you sell to must be a qualified buyer or entering into some speculative agreement may infact fail, live with it. High rewards have high risks. If you can't afford to lose, don't do it. Or expect occasional epic fails on petty amounts of money.

            But, if you are completely in the right, scary people can collect or consumer can reject harassment or ignore idiots or in protest pay them $1 a month. It's a free world. The internet will haunt you though until the overlord pulls the plug.

            Another fabulous post from the U.S.Department of Wild Imaginings, now in spectaclar stereo, sponsored by the Adhesives and Sealants Council, suggesting ways to stick things together since the 1800s. Not fabulous in a gay way. Your results may vary. Illinois residents add 8% sales tax. These posts have been made by professional post makers, do not try this type of posting on your own without extensive training, lovely assistants and a trusty clown horn.


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              Were You All Reading?

              Between the "lines"? Gregg stopped just short of offering his services to collect bad bills .
              Maybe if you asked him at the right moment he could do that nasty job for you?
              Of course you WILL be rewarding him for his trouble and experience, well, not All of his experiences.
              It pays to give the "Bad dog" his needed "bisquits" because scars require a lot of time to heal.

              Seriously, though, I would logically assume that before 99% of the complaints ever get typed here the person feeling totally shafted and ignored think about it and consider this act before they go that far.
              That "Bridge" is already a pile of ashes and mostly won't be transporting anyone to fantasyland "GGGRRR!"
              I thought there were strict rules about filling orders within a certain time-frame or else refund must follow? Government rules.