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Deadbeat List Update 11/26/2010

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  • Deadbeat List Update 11/26/2010

    Too much drama.

    Update: Michael Gibbons, AKA Fear Asylum has agreed that he owes $665 for a custom made 24' Squeeze room that he received prior to the end of the Halloween season. In place of a cash payment he has stated that he is sending back the 12' squeeze room and 2 fans he ordered and paid for at the beginning of the Halloween season. When the items arrive, I will drop his name from the list and edit my past post to erase his name.

    I've seen other posts complaining of vendors ripping off customers and I appreciate the warnings. I also appreciate all the messages sent to my private email with the names of other deadbeats. I can not include them on my list because I have no involvement in their situations.

    Thanks everybody for paying attention.
    George Maser
    1855 E Main St, Suite 14
    Spartanburg, SC 29307
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    Somebody call Jim Hughes? We may read these posts but no one cares enough about it to do your leg work. I agree that there are deadbeat customers and many vendors are too, but I'm thinking these posts may result in a drop in business from people on this forum from you.

    Your complaint may find an audience on the vendors boards, but around here we're to jaded to care about one vendor's issues compared to the frustration dozens of us feel because of vendors each and every year.



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      Michael, Send the stuff like you stated you were going to do and I'll stop bothering you.

      DA, If this topic bothers you, please don't feel you have to look at the thread. No offense intended.
      George Maser 864-761-7223, For the fastest response please call or text! (I talk much better than I type)


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        It's not at I'm offended I'm not involved in the dispute, but for your sake I think you might be scaring away potential business by threatening exposing people's credit info. Even honest customers might decide their money is better spent elsewhere.


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          How Quickly I went from "Bum" To "King"!

          When I was a few bucks short of paying cash for new tires, they wouldn't trust me and couldn't find a credit report on me at all.
          When my Son wanted me as a co-signer so he could buy a new truck, I signed, he made all those payments, when I went to buy a new car the dealer fell all over himself because of my excellent, high rateing!
          I'm the same person then, now and during those in-between times credit or none.


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            Want to buy a tent Jim! LOL!
            Damon Carson


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              I'll admit posting the credit report was a bluff. But I'm getting curious about what's on it.

              I sell new and used tents.

              Also, It's not true that nobody cares. 2800 views in a week is not bad.

              I sell flamethrowers

              I sell squeeze rooms, swamp rooms and make custom signs.

              Contrary to posted thought, this thread has increased my business.

              I'll be on the road for the next week, please hold any nasty comments until I can enjoy them.

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              George Maser 864-761-7223, For the fastest response please call or text! (I talk much better than I type)


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                Extreme Im small time compaired to alot of guys on here. I have nothing but best intentions on making people happy with what I sell. If I was selling a large amount of items who knows I might run into the same problems if I didnt have enough help? I would love to exhibit at Transworld someday but I would have to have a much larger range of products and one of kind items. But its a start. Ya I will definately put you on a #1 customer list amongst others. I would be glad to post it on the Haunt World Trading Post. If I had the extra money I would buy a tent from George.
                Damon Carson


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                  Hay it's a dog eat dog world, customers come on here and bitch all the time, I've done it and so have a lot of you. If a vendor wants to vent, I say have at it. Everyone, customers and vendors just need to make good and post like this will go away on their own.
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