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    Downtown seemed pretty safe. The problem with a GPS is if you don't know the area, the GPS can take you into a bad neighborhood to get you to the next point. I was an idiot and accidentally left it on Simulation mode and it had me going straight without saying anything. Eventually I was in East Saint Louis before I realized what I had done.
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      Your pretty much safe in St. Louis. BUT cross over the river at midnight and your done. 6 out of 10 people are victims.



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        In glock we trust


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          Originally posted by graystone View Post
          They climbing in your windows snatching your people up! So hide ya wife, hide ya kids and hide ya husbands too cause they raping errrr body up in St. Louis LOL! Shane and it's why not have fun!

          Oh and for those attending the Insane Shane TransWorld Kick Off Party None other than Huntsville Alabama's own Antione Dobson will be attending the party!!! YOU READ IT FIRST HERE!!! I was gonna announce it later but this is the best time!

          You'd be my hero Shane! Even more-so than you are already!! hahaha...Antoine Dodson is pretty much the epitome of a Youtube Overnight Celeb....he did absolutely nothing and has profited tenfold! lmaooooo
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            Several movies filmed in E. St. Louis?
            "Escape From New York"? (#1)
            and the movie with Ice Cube and Bill Paxton and others about guys looking for a treasure of money stashed in one of those decrepid buildings? About 40 years ago I moved my family (wife & Toddler) to the seedy part of a town of 25,000, my Wife was scared to live there, I reassured her saying, "This is just like Mount Carroll, just a bunch of retired farmers, nothing to be afraid of...a few days later my afternoon nap (I worked nights and went to school) was interupted by a great many sirens all stopped just up the hill less than three blocks away.
            Policemen on the force for 20 years were later vomiting in the yard when they saw the crime inside that house. It involved murder, suicide , a victim tied to a chair and tortured first...just like Mount Carroll! Sure.
            Crime can happen anywhere, even in your underware!
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              Originally posted by FEAR ASYLUM View Post
              In glock we trust
              Mine is decked out with a crimson trace laser.


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                Let me put my two cents in the hat...

                St. Louis isn't dangerous AT ALL... not even close.

                St. Louis just like any other town or city as many different sections to it... the biggest part is the COUNTY like where i live St. Charles nothing hardly goes on here like murders and crime like how they make these lists.

                The city the focus here is SQUARE ON THE CITY not the media market as a whole...

                But let me tell you teh downtown area of St. Louis where this show is is so safe its unreal... they've turned almost every building into a apartement or loft or whatever, they've renovated like everything, zillions or places to go and everything else.

                The reason PART of St. Louis city is dangerous is because VERY VERY FAR away from downtown is some really poor area's where murder is high I guess... but its no where close to downtown and no where close to the COUNTY... we are talking about a handful of area's where people live poor sections just like any other cities has and I guesss that is what they are talking about.

                I've been running a haunted house and nightclub and worked downtown as a DJ for a total of something like 20 years and I've never seen or heard of anyone I know getting mugged, robbed, or well murdered.

                This is SO FAR away from downtown and and in such smaller area's just like parts of LA where people are murdered every single day... does that that Bervery Hills dangerous??? In LA they have tons of gangs, and killings like every single hour on the hour but its in EAST LA... a place everyone will tell you DO NOT GO THERE... if you don't you should survive a trip to LA. LOL Same with St. Louis, Detroit, or anywhere else.
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                  From watching your video it looks like you went to the good sections of East St. Louis... if people ONLY watched your video they would get the perception that East St. Louis was a place you could retire, raise a family and well maybe start a business. LOL

                  DUDE... the pictures you took are NOTHING... that place is 10 times worse. They find people dead over there every week.

                  Larry Kirchner


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                    I've gotten lost in East St. Louis TWICE! Terrible. I've been lost in the Detroit ghetto too. And the Chicago ghetto. They are all scary when you are in the bad part of town, believe me. Detroit has some really terrible spots but has some really nice spots too. I mean some of the places in in the Detroit metro area are really really cool. I think you get that with any metro area thats 5+million people living there.

                    Back to St. Louis and OP. The little downtown area in St. Louis its not bad. I think it would be more enjoyable if it were warmer when we were there. I don't really have a lot of time whenever I'm there to do anything anyway though. I will give St. Louis credit for having one of the coolest things and thats the arch. There is some haunted houses there too I keep being told. Other than that it seems like any other city. Except Chicago. Chicago is awesome.
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                      As probably the only haunter here who actually grew up in "the ghetto" I think I can speak from a unique perspective.

                      I grew up in East Baltimore, some of you might know of it from the show "The Wire". The only thing harder than growing up black in the ghetto, is growing up white in it. I was often the only white kid in my class, and was usually the only white kid on my basketball teams, in which I proudly say that I always dominated on them.

                      From what I can see, St Louis is Mayberry compared to East Baltimore. Near the convention at least, everyone is very friendly and the streets are quiet I think St Louis is a great spot for the show.

                      For any of you who do wander in an adverse neighborhood it's nothing to be overly concerned about. Don't make yourself a target by appearing scared and out of place. Walk with purpose with your head up and walk with confidence as if you live their and you're used to it. If they sense fear they've got you. Don't be afraid to make eye contact but keep moving at a steady pace. Much of the time people are victimized because they make themselves a target. If you're a guy, if you seem self assured criminals might not be willing to take the chance on attacking and wait for someone they deem as easy prey.

                      I used to come home from playing ball at 1am and walk on my street and have to walk through as many as 50-70+ thugs hanging on my street since me neighbors had a couple teenage girls. Half of them would be in front of my house and sitting on my steps. I'll walk through them and say "alright guys off the steps and away from my house you can hang down there" pointing to the neighbors on the other side or whatever. They would move most of the time, I think they thought I was a cop since I looked out of place there. It didn't always go so smoothly, there is always one guy who wants to show off...

                      So don't worry where the show area is fine and if you're not familiar with your surroundings travel in groups and always pay attention to what's going on around you. From my experience, if you're on one side of the street and you see thugs crossing ahead of you for no reason, get ready lol!

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                        In The Book...

                        "What Cops Know" it advises that making eye-contact with Everyone you pass on the street will tell the potentual bad guys that you are either a cop or a crazy person, neither of which any self-respecting bad guy knows will result in more trouble than you might be worth.
                        I have always found it hysterical when city-people come out here and can be terrorized by a raccoon running infront of their car, since it's "So Dark" beside our country roads, it might have been an unearthly being!
                        Then that kid on the farmer's porch strumming the old banjo scares them too!
                        Even though he never mentions pigs or making them squeal like one!
                        Police response time here is usually measured in seconds not minutes. This is nice.
                        It's nice living 2 blocks from the county and city "Cop Shop".
                        Only one murder commited 28 yrs ago, the one before that was in 1940, at least those are the only ones we admit to.


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                          Its funny if you double click on that video that was put up you'll see other videos about East St. Louis and NORTH St. Louis... North St. Louis is the area where all the crime or most of it is at... NOT SOUTH St. Louis which is where downtown is or where most of the very expensive houses are...

                          South St. Louis is the GOOD PART... I would STRONGLY suggest that we do NOT move the convention to North St. Louis, and that you do NOT rent a hotel in NORTH St. Louis.

                          I think THIS video right here says all you need to know about East St. Louis... a rapper does a song called EAST STANK LOUIS! LOL

                          Larry Kirchner


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                            I'm sure St Louis doesn't stank as much as that song did!


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                              Hey we got ghettos here in Dallas they just hide it behind the TX state fair grounds
                              I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!


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                                Just so everyone knows East St. Louis is NOT IN MISSOURI! LOL

                                That is ADAM land... I wonder if someone opens a haunt in East St. Louis would Adam visit this and rate it. I would dare him!

                                I can tell you there would be NO haunt scary... you can make some thing like if you make it out ALIVE you get your money back.

                                Then some guy makes it out of the haunt and lives, he goes to the ticket booth and says 'can I get my money back I made it out alive' and they manager says 'ah no I meant if you have to make it out of the East St. Louis alive to get your money back'. LOL

                                Larry Kirchner