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Amazing Music Offer!!!!!!!

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  • Amazing Music Offer!!!!!!!

    Good Evening Boils and Ghouls,
    Dr. Fingers here wishing you all happy greeting for this year. I hope your Haunting Season was a grotesque and Gory as mine!

    Symphonic Sacrifices has re-vamped itself creating an even better music productions company.


    Welcome to Symphonic Sacrifices

    For this year we will be offering a very special offer we did years ago!
    For the first 15 Emails we will be writing, composing and mixing a Music track just for you! That's a right! A Custome Music Track that no other haunt will have but you!

    Tracks will vary from 1-3 Minutes, Depending upon what you request!
    A Haunted Attraction Theme, Stage Show Theme, Radio AD, or Custom Theme!

    Email us at with your Name and Contact Information.
    Email us with what the name of your attraction or product is and what you are in need of. A Little detailed discription of what your attraction is.

    You will be notified within 24 Hours of your submission if you were chosen.

    Thank you,
    Robert J. Frankenberg
    Dr. Fingers Frankenberg
    CEO Symphonic Sacrifices

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    Too bad you used Disney sounds on your site Using someone else's work kinda violates copyright laws,,,


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      Yes that is the Opening SOund to disneys Haunted Mansion because it is a public access File. That's only reason I have used it. I do not steal other peoples products. Please listen to the samples of My works and I'm sure you will enjoy.

      The Welcome Follish Mortals is the only fileIve used by them. The rest are all custom sounds I've either collected from years of public access files or written and produced myself

      Also None of the sounds on my website are claimed to be mine as well. There is a Samples page for a reason.
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        Hi Dr. Fingers

        The music you did for me last time you made this offer
        was fantastic I still use it in my haunt. It's nice to have
        custom music in the haunt.
        Midnight Evil Productions
        Owner/Operator of


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          Hey MAn!
          It was so wonderful working with you last year on those tracks. I sent you a Private email regarding our offer. Can't Wait!
          Glad you enjoyed

          Robert Frankenberg


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            Hey Doc

            It's going to be fun working with you again
            Midnight Evil Productions
            Owner/Operator of