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how my first walk haunt went

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  • how my first walk haunt went

    In short it went well, 200+ people went through the home haunt that cost about 700 bucks to build and gave me a big right bicep over the month to build it. However there were a few incidents that happened that shouldn’t have. Being a huge step from last year and being in my front yard many teens that came got the idea "Oh its amateur and I can get away with !#$%." So iv had troublemakers hit actors, throw candy, shake support post in attempt of damage, punch walls to hurt actors on the other side, trip over themselves there so drunk, and tear caution tape in attempt to cut in the line. In these accounts I would yell at them, kick them out, or let them continue threw after hearing me yell at em. But the worst incident involved a patron in line actually hitting an actor/brother of mine in the face who was scaring the waiting. My brother grabs him by the arms and yells in his face to stop. Fortunately my father stopped me from getting to him. As a safety precaution all staff goes to the place of incident. However the little punk cries home only to tell his intoxicated father that he felt threatened. Big Bad Pa Pa gets in my dads face and you can smell the beer on him. He claims his son felt threatened and he was pissed that he wasn’t allowed threw. My father said to get out of his face or he will call the police. The drunk one turns around walks away to his car and shouts his going to call the cops. Sure enough the cops come without even talking to him and tell us to basically calm it down. I think he felt threatened when all the staff approached him in curiosity but many were just going for the fresh pitcher of punch. I am definitely going to take a more professional haunt approach and step up security for next year.

    Feedback, questions, opinions, suggestions?

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    you just have to...

    Stop handing out free beer to your customers!
    I had an old geezer say this about my haunt when I first opened, admission was $2.00, sure here's your can of free beer! I don't drink. I sure don't want screaming, staggering drunks in my house.
    Keep the drunks OUT. Life will get noticably much better.


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      Jim ive seen your free beer posters before. You know you advertised that once. LOL!
      Damon Carson