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  • Home Haunt ideas!!

    Looking to start my own home haunt this up coming halloween season, any advice ideas cheap props , anything and everything?? Gimme all the feedback you can dish guys thanks !!

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    Glad to see a new haunter on this forum, welcome!

    I am a 10 year Veteran home haunter from MN, there are a lot of other home haunters on here as well.

    I am not sure if you have noticed, but there is a special section titled "Home Haunting 101" on this forum to ask questions and to see a bunch of cool pictures. The comercial haunters do visit the home haunt part of this forum, but you can get a lot of answers from the other locations as well.

    For the questions that you have asked, we are going to need to know more about what you are thinking of, because there is more then one way to home haunt. For an example: my home haunt is a large yard display called DEAD OAKS CEMETERY. I have all the props needed for a cemetery theme, and have 3 actors that haunt it as well.

    As you start to learn what it is you want to do, draw up a plan and come up with a budget. Halloween and haunting can get spendy, but there are many projects you can do yourself. My first few years I only had a few things and only add a little every year. I'm to the point where I spend about $300 a year.

    Don't foreget this tip, "an old man's junk, is a haunters GOLD MINE!" keep an eye out for free stuff. You can find good stuff on the side of the road, even if you have to spend a little.

    I hope this helps!

    Mr. Haunt
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      To start you off here's a few articles I wrote that go pretty in depth and explain the basic components of home haunting. FYI the "$3000 Budget" one or whatever isn't just for big budget haunts.


      Lets us know what you have in mind and I'll be glad to give you more information.

      Good luck and feel free to PM me!
      *Sigh*I can't wait til' October


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        Too mr haunt i think im going to do a circus extravaganza!! I want to do it in 3d but i dont know how to accomplish this. So if its too difficult im going to stick with a complete blacklight haunt. I have access to 2 10x20 or 10x30 tents i used these for mine and my wifes engagment party. I know buying flourescent paint is expensive but is there any place to get it for a cheaper price ( home depot, lowes,etc.) Im also going to rely on just actors or static props due to the absent bill gates salary. lol. But this is the route i think im going to go for.

        To pumpkin king, thanks for the articles i did read them and they did help out. Im an extreme horror fanatic and love halloween religiously. i have done very small home haunts in the past some props i built including and man chained to a wall with his lower torso cut off and his blood and guts sliding down the wall. and small things like that, but this will be the first year to really make it a 3-7 room home haunt. Hopefully within 3-4 years i want to be running my own haunted house. So we'll see. Thanks guys for the input.!!


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          I'm sorry, but I have not looked at prices on that kind of paint. If I think of it when I'm out and about I will look. You will however need 3D glasses, or at least this will be best.

          Mr. Haunt


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            I appreciate the thought. I tried looking at the basics like home depot and lowes and stuff but no one has it i will have to maybe order it offline.