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  • Walls

    What is the best way to build walls I can easily put up and tear down every year? I know I will have to rent out space my first year so I can't leave anything behind. Thanks.


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    Do a search for wall panels, there are planty of threads on them.
    I like the standard 2x2 frame and middle support (horizontal) then a one side skin of plywood.


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      Originally posted by Allen H View Post
      Do a search for wall panels, there are planty of threads on them.
      I like the standard 2x2 frame and middle support (horizontal) then a one side skin of plywood.
      Do you think using 2x4's are over kill for haunt walls? That's what we're currently using in the same configuration you mentioned. I like the idea of the 2x2's in that they would have less weight and require less room for storage.
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        2x2 also

        We also use 2x2 and luan plywood double sided for some and then we connect them using metal brackets and bracing them from the top with 1x2.


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          The way you construct your walls first starts with what materials are required by your fire marshal and building inspector. For the haunt we are in the beginning stages of building right now we are required to use steel studs and fire treated plywood. The haunt we use to build 5 years ago we could use 2 x 4s and 1/2" plywood. Just the difference in stud materials completely changes the way we will be attaching our walls together. So you may want to talk to the city before making any decisions.
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            I just attached an image of wall construction that my friend who is a designer for a living shared with me. Hope it helps!
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              yeah, 2x2 works well, when your allowed to use it. Its pretty rare to not be allowed but Im sure you tried to go with the standard at first.
              I think 2x4 are slightly overkill depending on what you are doing. I am considering using 2x4s on edge and a plywood back, on my next show. That way I could have details like pictures and things that sit inside the box of the 2x4s so I have less to take down at the end of the season, they could stack and stay decorated. I have five shows to put up in three months so anything to save time.
              Allen H


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                I forgot to mention that those are 3 different possible wall designs, not a 3 step guide, (didn't want to cause confusion). The best suggestion for longevity and safety is option 3. Triangular braces help, but the middle one is acceptable and approved by most fire marshal's. It all depends on what you want to accomplish, your ultimate goal to achieve with the walls, and whether you are an indoor or outdoor haunt.


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                  We use 2x4's... tried EVERYTHING else and NOTHING holds up to our customers. I mean, we even have 2x4's snapping!!!

                  So... we use 2x4 framing with one vertical center brace, double faced (only where customers would SEE both sides) with 1/4" plywood! Then 2x4's overhead for additional bracing!

                  Once built, we use six (yes, 6) screws to put two walls together... 3 going into a wall one way, 3 more the other way... this creates a "grip" from both sides, firmly holding the walls together! This holds up for YEARS!! Unless like I said, you get some ROWDY customers and/or actors... then NOTHING will hold up other than brick and mortar!

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                    considerations for walls

                    As usual I agree with gadget! To go further into the issue, There is more to consider than "what do I make walls out of?". The real question is "what do I want my walls to do? Most haunts I have put together have a combination of several wall types depending on intended use and requirements. When I sit down with a client to discuss designing a haunt we don't attack the issue of walls right away. The type of walls will come from answering these and many other questions:
                    1. What sort of environment will they be in (i.e. indoor, outdoor, on a slab or dirt,etc.)
                    2. What sort of abuse will they see? (guided vs. unguided tours, pitch black or themed, etc. )
                    3. will the walls need to support any weight? (i.e. actors, catwalks, props, theming, etc.)
                    4. how efficiently must you use storage and what sort of storage?
                    5. Will they have to go up/come down every season and if so in what time frame?
                    6. are there any city ordinances that dictate materials, sizes, distances, coatings?

                    once you start thinking in that mind set you'll come to a conclusion or be a lot better prepared when you sit down with a design consultant like myself.



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                      We are right in the middle and use a 2x3 frame with a center brace faced with plywood, and 3 bolts secure the panels together.

                      But yes, I would check with your city first, once you have your site secured.



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                        Thanks for all the help. I will check with the fire marshall and go from there.