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Inflatable Squeeze/Tunnel Hallway design ideas?

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  • Inflatable Squeeze/Tunnel Hallway design ideas?

    I am manufacturing pre-fab Squeeze hallways and Tunnels for Haunted attractions. The idea is to provide an "instant" theme that is inflated in a pre-framed hallway space. Think about only having to frame a 10'w x 9' h x 15'L Hallway and inserting a themed inflatable tunnel to create an instant creepy walk through. I can insert LED or strobes inside the inflatable walk through to give it an eerie internal glow or effect.

    At the moment I am manufacturing:

    - "Impenetrable" Spiked Caves with strobes
    - "Impenetrable" Beetlejuice style striped tunnel with Spiral lighting effects
    - Killer Clown's Den
    - Belly of the Beast

    I need some ideas for different themes , shapes. and effects that you would like to see in your attraction.

    Any thoughts?

    Would you like something custom for your Haunt?

    -PM me with custom ideas or feel free to contact me at 720-938-8937

    Alan Rushlow - owner

    Greater Than Entertainment LLC
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    Concert Promotions and Inflatable Manufacturer

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    Well one cool idea could be to Air brush on the inside of the infllatable tunnel Flames! And since the curvature of the tunnel the flames running up the side will give that illusion that its almost engulfing/towering over your victims. Put those fake cauldron fire lights hidden in there to show the movement of the flames on the walls.

    Or not sure what your killer klown den's appraoch was but have like multitudes of color in there lit up by black lights. Maybe bright stripes or wacky wavy lines.


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      Love the idea of lighting the walls from inside to create an illusion.

      How about 1/3 of the way through,have the hieght of the walls cahnge, IE now thery are at your waist and you can clearly see someting coming for you, then blam you are back in the walls again... Make any sense?

      make the walls clear and have actors inside them?
      Ed Roberts
      The Nightmare Factory


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        Gotcha, sounds interesting. Couldnt make sense of your ideawith the walls changing height but it sounds good, just having a hard time picturing it in my head. You could even have portions of the tunnel have little crevices in it to hide actors. Have it be cave like, like your idea of the spikes in the cave but lean towards "The Descent" . Have some actors dressed in a body suit like the creatures from the movie the descent. They could pop out , could use cave soundtrack playing the background (water dripping, bats flying,etc.)

        You could also have it be like a clasturphobic tunnel where the walls are very close and have 1 or 2 actors hiding on the out skirts of the tunnel and pop there head in and give the groups some good scares since the walls are soo close to the people. Hope these ideas help.


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          What about
          1. Catacombs
          2. Train tunnel
          3. Underground drainage system with smaller inflatable pipes along the walls and ceiling,
          4. A dot room tunnel
          5. A spiral stripe from one end to the other might be a little disorienting.
          6. How about something Area 51ish where every so often there are clear panels where you can see a prop that has been placed inside the wall like a incubation or cryogenic chamber or something.
          7. Underwater theme?
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            Wow!! Thanks!!!

            To answer all your questions in a nutshell....
            I am preparing to design the themes mention on the opening post with some of the ideas just mentioned in the replies.

            The first one to roll off will be the spikey cave. I am not sure what I am going to price them at. I was thinking around $1500.00 + shipping with all the effects.

            Pictures and video will come soon...

            Please keep the feedback coming!!!

            Thanks all...


            P.S. Bobby, I will call you soon!
            Alan Rushlow - owner

            Greater Than Entertainment LLC
            2275 court place #109
            Denver Colorado 80205
            Concert Promotions and Inflatable Manufacturer

            720-938-8937 - mobile
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              Hey Alan no problem on giving ya feed back. Its always nice to get some ideas from different sources other then your own. Hope all you ideas work and definitely post those pics and vids. If i got any more for ya i will keep em coming for ya !!