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  • Spooky natural sounds

    The 'Spooky Puppies" thread made me watch videos again & as the usual toobness happens, several 'toobs' away, I ran across this hurricane footage:

    horrific if you've ever been in the middle of a hurricane!
    I'm a big fan of all haunted audio & 'musique concrete' tonal experimentations..
    Anyone else have any great spooky noises?
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    Planets sound creepy

    Listen to all the planets they are all pretty cool the Earth sounds a little sick...
    Destiny comes to those who listen...... Fate finds the rest.


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      OK, the hurricane one freaked me out, I could only play parts of it because to me it sounded like people screaming in unison to me. That was crazy. I don't know why but my brain just makes the most crazy things out of almost nothing.

      One thing that really gets my brain going is creepy church hymns. Kid you not, go play some of of there music and it will make you think of some crazy stuff. I went today and this is what they sang, I'm not going to get into detail what my brain came up with.. I would love to know what you think though.
      ~*~How is a raven like a writing desk ?
      ~*~*~There both the perfect tools for picking at the brain.
      ~*~*~*~An my favorite game you ask ?
      ~*~*~*~*~ Raven on the desk of course.

      Jessica Ward


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        Weird.. outta tune & outta synch organ

        That audio of Saturn is strange!!! What's weird is how much it sounds like old sci-fi- movie music like 'Forbidden Planet'..
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          If only I had recording equiptment!

          About 30 years ago. We were putting together the JCs haunted house, just a few miles outside of town was an old windmill that made a real range of very odd, scary and annoying sounds as it ever so slowly rotated it's unlubricated bearings for the prop blade. (My Grandfather used to climb those towers and lube them for some of his meager income.)
          Grinding, screeching with an unearthly resonance that seemed to tease your basic skeletal structure into wishing it could be merely sub-atomic micro-pieces again! (To not be affected by the sounds!)
          My Parent's front door also made some very scary, startling sounds as the winter wind blew down their street, I was just a very small kid listening to scary radio presentations! The door noise would made me jump with startled fear almost every time.
          It's sound was sort of like a deep hum, finishing off with a rattle sound that vibrated through half the house , kind of like sticking baseball cards between your bike's spokes, but much louder, deeper.


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            I love exploring sound, really cool stuff is out there.
            look for the sound of an elk bugling, can sound really creepy.
            Also look for a guy named Diego Stocco (he is all over you tube) He does really cool really different sound work, really inspired some of the tracks I made for my asylum.
            Allen H


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              That elk noise was great! Check out this fox too:


              I have a few animal calls that I got from a sportsman supply. One of my favorites is my 'crow call' - Great scare noise! Just keep it on the necklace & it's handy when your voice wears out
              Netherworld Haunted Attractions


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                I highly recommend songs of the humpback whale
                Been using it at assorted speeds since 1979
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