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Did we scare our customers away?

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    I really think the location thing was a big blow in your numbers. It's always tough to relocate in any business, even if its for all positive reasons like in your case.

    I think that going a little grass roots might bring them in. You need to try targeting your audience as someone else mentioned. Playing radio advertisements on a station not catering to that teenager and twenty something is going to fall on deaf ears.

    In the past, we saw a HUGE increase in foot traffic one year after walking in a Halloween parade. We dressed up and handed out candy and flyers and really pulled in double and triple numbers from the year previous (which was our first year). My skit allowed me time to quiz them so I used that to find out where they were from and a good portion were even out of our advertisement area, so they were coming strictly from the Halloween parade. Use community events as much as possible...ask to set up photo ops, face painting, etc at local events, get involved with your community as much as possible. It's amazing what word of mouth can do!!!! The best advertisement ever!!!


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      Any Location

      Will have unlimited potential if you can maintain it at the same location season after season and, of course put on a really good "Show", which has numerous definitions.
      Right now my house is almost totally hidden inside the undergrowth of vines, trees, bushes with just small parts of my house visiable here and there., which adds to the mystery and anticipation levels, I feel.
      Usually half-way through October the leaves will fall from the all encompassing vine, showing much more "House" and giving it a skin-less cadaver look with all of those exposed veins and arteries!
      We have no idea what scares a certain person, but inside their brain, They know what they are dreading. If the exterior gets their imagination cranking then they will assume that fearful thing is in your house!


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        forth year running, lots of fun

        forth year running,we change it every year,we see them on night vision camaras,so we see they where scard,is lots of fun,i think it my (high) in life.i love it


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          just couious

          how is your haunt doing now?


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            Originally posted by Brooks View Post
            how is your haunt doing now?
            We missed out in 2011 as we couldn't find a location. Last season was ok, but the only location we found was in a nearby town about 20 mins away. We broke even last year which actually isn't bad. Honestly I think having a permanent location is the only way we're going to be able to make this work in such a rural area. I'm in the process of trying to accomplish this now, but we're going to miss this season. Not getting a location until August makes it really hard to market especially with a minimal budget.
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