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Question 2: What did you think of the new Hauntworld DVD 17

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    Originally posted by wickedondvd
    Perhaps my words did not come across like i meant them:

    What i meant to say why not hire someone LIKE haunted attraction magazine does... not hire HAM themselves, but hire someone like they do for their magazine.
    Sorry, I misunderstood you. I respect what you are saying and understand where you are coming from. I guess I just feel that 30 dollars is worth paying for these dvds because I have learned a lot from them.
    Jared Layman


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      First and foremost I wouldn't ever hire some crew to do my magazine or my videos... especially HAM. I saw the last HAM magazine, and thought the cover was very amature. I will say for once I thought his content was a lot better than previous magazines. Good for him! But do I judge the book by its cover? The cover to this latest HAM looked horrible, but his content was much better than the cover implied and much better than previous magazine. I did notice however he was copying some articles we've done in the past. But he's done that before so whats new.

      Lets say I did hire some camera crew to shoot the videos... are you prepared to pay say $100.00 or $200.00 for the DVD? You know if I was making these things for mass audience you could do that, but I'm only marketing these to haunters.

      I might have sold 80 copies at the show, and maybe another 20 through our website so far... wow 100 copies total! Thats earth shattering isn't it. If you can add that up we're talking about $3,500.00 total if that... I know we're not up to 100 yet but we should be soon. It costs about $5.00 or so to dup each dvd and cover.

      Maybe you should look into buying a booth at TW and see what that runs... should you include costs to market a DVD in the cost to resell? If thats the case I can already tell you I lost a ton of money! LOL

      I don't produce the videos to win an academy award, I produce them to educate, share information in a very affordable way. You paying $35.00 for a DVD nearly 2 hours long with awesome idea's and footage is highway robbery! Since you brought up HAM, he charges $2,500.00 to get what I would call very bad advice. You're buying this video and getting great visuals, great information, and seeing stuff that would cost you hundreds to see if you bought plane tickets, hotels, and tickets to the haunts themselves, and you WOULD NOT go home with a lights on video tour would ya?

      No you wouldn't.

      As for the skaky camera...dude seriously! It was a lights on tour, with us holding the camera and walking through the attraction. What did you expect... you don't use a tripod for that! LOL

      ANyway everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I think most people don't agree with yours. Its opinions like these that drive people from ever producing videos for anyone.

      Personally I thought the new Hauntworld Video was one of the best we've done!!! I loved it! I watched it from start to finish the other day with Rich Strelak. He loved it as well.

      To each their own!

      For $35.00 for two hours of rock solid video and info I don't see how you can go wrong... I think most would agree I might be worth every penny if I consulted someone on their haunt. I wouldn't do it for $35.00 I can tell you that!!! I try to do a lot of that stuff for FREE through the website or for a very minimal charge via magazine or video.

      If you didn't like the content you tell me what you didn't like about it... I'd like to hear!

      Larry Kirchner


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        Larry asked what we thought of the DVD, that is what I gave him, my thoughts. I do respect his knowledge on many subjects, but I don't agree on everything. (Larry, I thought your seminar at TW this year was my favorite, it was the one I found to be the most helpfull, and entertaining.)

        When I see the level of quality on things like the computer animation he sells, the haunt he runs, and the web sites we all use every day...I just expect more quality from the videos I guess.

        When I first got the whole set of DVD's, I started watching them and said to my wife (who just spent over $300 on them) "I'm sure they get better at making them as we get farther into them, this first one was about 10 years ago." But as we continued to watch them they really never improved much.

        Was it worth the $300? Hell yeah, the info has been amazing! Who knows how much all that info is worth, in mistakes I won't make now that I know better.

        But sometimes I have to close my eyes and just listen becuse I can't bear to watch the camera man twisting and turning the camera up the interviewee's nose while he/she is trying to have a serious discussion. Sometimes you can see it in their eyes, thinking 'am I supposed to keep talking while the camera is doing this'

        And I have to agree about the magazine, the background can make it quite hard to read at times. And sometimes there are these wierd font changes in the middle of a paragraph...always takes me out of the writing for a bit. Silly little complaint, but also very easy to fix.
        Haunted House

        Sacramento, CA


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          If these DVD's were produced for mass distributionthen I'd have to agree with Wickedondvd, but we are talking about a very limited release to a specific market and when Larry states content he means it literally. What has always been utmost is the content, show haunts across the country, haunts most of us will never have the oppurtunity to visit in person and intersperse it with tips and info add some humor (or attempt at humor!) and you have a Hauntworld DVD!! To that end it is extremely successful.

          $35 wouldn't even cover the entrance fee to the haunts, much less the cost of getting there. A backstage lights on walk through Netherworld is something that is not even available period!!! So what is the value of that one segment??????

          Many of the people submitiing footage do so as a "favor" to the industry. To expect them to hire someone and do a more professional shoot requires time and money. So that means Ben would have to charge a good buck to Larry to cover cost and Larry in turn would have to raise the price of the video to cover HIS cost.

          Personally I'll keep the $35 price point and "suffer" through a shaking segment!!

          Thanks Ben and everyone who submitting footage, we appreciate the effort!

          R&J Productions
          Las Vegas, NV


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            No I appreciate your comments, don't get me wrong. I'm just letting you know that most of the content for these videos have been provided by the haunts themselves. If someone likes the camera or not, it really boils down to did the content help your business.

            I produce the videos to help people, not to make money. The videos have helped me and I get emails, cards and letters all the time thanking us for making them. We're only trying to make a difference.

            I can't control the footage I get, I personally don't judge it by camera technique, I judge it by content. I remember one video sent in to me by Randy Bates, the camera action was well something to be desired, but it was understandable, he was SHOWING US how he scares people on his hayride.

            Was the camera action good, maybe not so much, but was the content some of the best I've ever seen? YES IT WAS! He sent us content to HELP his fellow haunters, and that shaky camera action was almost unavoidable when you want to show someone how its done.

            I think we all owe Randy Bates a thank you for that footage...he has no motivation to help anyone! Same goes for lights on tours to whatever.

            I just wanted you to understand the background here and motivation.

            The Hauntworld videos are about CONTENT!

            So you liked the content!!! Then we did our job!

            One of these days and one of these days soon, I'm going to produce a retail version of Hauntworld the Movie. You'll see...

            Larry Kirchner