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    Now that halloween is done and over with, I STRONGLY encourage you all to head over to, scroll through the different vendors that you have used this season, and write a review or two. This is to better our industry, and build a reputable list of people who DO GOOD to us.

    Thanks again.


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    Just an observation but if the ratings could be seen on the list page so you could just scroll down and then click on them to read the reviews would help. That way you could tell which ones are highly rated and which ones suck really bad just by a glance. Love the site though and there are two I have in my cross hairs right now. for the very best items on the net.


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      Yes!! Keep the reviews coming!! I am actually going to try to do interviews at TW with all the vendors. Love to get a mission statement and their information on how they handle customer service. All will be posted on the site. Of course this depends on Keegan's approval......


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        I have re-done the coloring and layout of the site to be even easier to check out. Please, feel free to check out the site, and post a review. Your 5 minutes of time spent reviewing could save other haunters MONTHS of heartache.

        Thanks =)


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          It looks like we might have a booth at TW in March. If we do please come by and we will get you signed up. We will have "real time" reviews so as you walk the floor you can get up to the minute information on the vendors you might be doing business with. We will keep everyone posted. Check out RFR podcast #225. Hopefully we can become the BBB of the Haunt World Industry. I don't know about you but I am tired of getting %$@!!@#&@^ with... and on the other hand I want to know the trustworthy vendors out there. I want to know what products are worth the money and what products to stay away from. Again we are totally on our own we are not associated with any product or any vendor. We are haunt owners and want to have the information we need to make wise decisions. I have to spend my money wisely, I don't have a lot of it. So with that said come on over and let us sign you up to make reviews! See you then!



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            I have jumped in to support this. I to will be helping Sue out the only way were going to stop the scamming of buyers is for buyers to stick together! Shane and it's come say hello at the Haunt Vendor Review Booth! Shane this time!


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              Thank You!!!

              Cant wait, when I have the time to fill some of these reviews out!!!!


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                Thanks to everyone and their support. Again, Sue and I are not looking to make money, just help out our fellow haunt brethren. Thanks to ALL who have posted their reviews! Please feel free to keep them coming! =)