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    Did anyone make it to the Fango show this weekend if so I would like to hear about it. Or maybe post some pics of it. I didnt get to make it this year. I barely made it to the show on Saturday and drove back home the same night. Sucks but at least I made it on the last year in Chicago. Hopefully Fangoria did well again this year and they return to the Windy City next year.
    Damon Carson

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    I had spoke with a few folks that went (I mean tried to).
    It appeared to be unorganized, more folks went they they had intended for the building they were in. People were turned away. :cry:
    Thanks, Jeff


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      That is common, least for the last Fangoria we had a booth at. It gets so popular that they are forced to freeze the line outside until people leave, then they can keep up to the fire limit.

      May, they come out to Burbank Convention Center, byt he airport. We have a Q and A panel and will be showing movie clips to our new movie. Last show was a blast, this one should be as well.
      The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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        This is a SAD subject,Yes i WASTED my day at Fangoria!

        Unorganized! Uhh,more like they had NO clue! In my honest opinion if my haunt ran this bad i would have closed the doors and tried again the next day!

        Two weeks before the show we buy will call tickets online, get confirmation back and everythings good.
        Saturday we show up at 10 am and find a line that rapped all the way through the Wyhndam,up and downstairs.
        No sign in the front door directing you anywhere,just tons of hot sweaty people who look like they were waiting for hours! (if not they were going to be!)
        We asked people in line if there was a will call table,no one knew, get in line i heard dozens of times.

        The staff didn't even have event t-shirts so nobody knew who was running it. Finally my freind points to a guy wearing a fangoria hand out bag threw his arms, bag on his back, this was suppossed to indicate he worked there.

        His only job was to keep yelling at people in line to hug the rail or they were going to shut it down.(again 1000's of people)
        Opie(as i called him) couldn't tell us anything except look for people wearing bags.
        We finally find another guy with a bag and he walks us up to the table after we got snotty about it and made a stink, we had already paid and an hour had already clicked by!

        At the table we explain we are on the will call for saturday, they can't find us on the list, they make us stand to the side for ten minutes more and a girl comes over, she looks at the same list and again tells us to stand to the side,yells for Mom!
        Ten minutes later Mom finishes up with her customer and comes over and says we have had a pot of people that had ordered the tickets but were never charged. It never went through she says. My buddy knows he was charged for them as he checked his visa statement before we left for the weekend. The hotel and all his food was going on it and the fangoria tickets were charged as well as the 7 dollar ticket surcharge.(per ticket,for will call? Meening your names on a list at the door,theres NO ticket involved,whats the surcharge for? 28 dollars extra to put 4 names on a list that never got put on the list!!!)
        Sound Agravating! Ohh, You bet,just wait it gets better!

        Finally Mom says your going to have to have your bank fax you some sort of proof or get in the line and buy tickets.

        Jason calls his bank and an hour later we have a fax. We try and get back up to the table and security tells us to get in line. We show them the fax and explain the story again! The get weird and tell us to get in line like everybodyelse!

        We start walking to the back of the line and the guy from earlier walks by, we grab him and make him take us through. We get in finally after 2 1/2 hours of screwing around.

        Once in the show. The theater is sold out, you can go downstairs or to the vendor area upstairs but the theater is closed.

        My question is where were all the guset stars that were supposed to be there signing autographs. It was saturday, the busiest day, you would have thought they would have had everybody there.

        Nope i saw Cain Hotter, and Bill Moseley which iv'e meet them before, there everywhere!
        No Doug Bradley, No Shawnee Smith, No Ken Foree, just the two mentioned above,out of what 20 celebs we saw two or three.

        In my opinion i think it was the worst event i have ever been to and they will never see another dime of mine. Bought 4 independent dvd's and all of those are a joke as well, very displeased by the whole thing. It screamed SCAM!!!!


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          SO glad I did not go. I had thought about it but my "spidy senses" were telling me it was a scam. Basically, get as much as you can from as many people as you can and then play the old: Ooops, aw shucks, we are just overwhelmed" thing.
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